Water fasting is probably one of the best natural methods to heal yourself from eye floaters (see my story with eye floaters), and a million more conditions including chronic diseases, allergies and stomach and digestion related problems.

In my case, I had been suffering from indigestion, diarrhea, several pollen allergies, hay fever, stress and anxiety on and off for decades. However, what pushed me into doing a water fast was the sudden appearance of numerous floaters in both eyes. It was a highly severe case.

Let’s clarify, first of all, that  I am not a doctor and everything that I have done so far is the result of my own experience.

Here is a list of suggestions to prepare yourself for a water fast:

  1. Make sure water fasting is appropriate for you. If you suffer from any particular ailment, consult your doctor or qualified personnel who have experience with water fasting.
  2. Do not attempt water fasting if you have an eating disorder or if you are underweight.
  3. Before the water fast, you should first start getting rid of junk food, canned or preserved food, sodas, alcohol (including beer), cigarette smoking, drugs of any sorts including medication and prescribed medications (that’s why you have to consult your physician first).
  4. Before and after fasting, stick to a plant based diet. Greasy and fatty foods interfere with your liver.
  5. Learn meditation or other disciplines such as yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong or whatever helps you relax.
  6. Avoid negative news, violent or horror movies and whatever might affect your feelings in a negative way.
  7. Go for a walk in the woods, in a park, along the beach, in any case in a quiet and natural setting if possible.
  8. Take at least a couple of weeks off from work or study or whatever you are doing.

How does a water fast work?

A water fast is a very powerful method to cleanse your body from toxins and to get rid of inflammations. Most chronic diseases are caused by an excessive inflammation in the body. In Latin, pathology suffixes ending in -ite, –osi mean inflamed and chronically inflamed respectively (eg: arthritis, arthrosis). Thus, the body must be healed from any type of inflammation before starting the cellular regeneration which occurs during water fasting. Water fasting has been used for centuries in India, where it is still practiced today as a form of yoga known as Kunjali. Its diffusion in  Europe and the USA reached its peak in the early 1900’s, thanks to Arnold Ehret, a German naturopath who believed that most diseases are caused by an excess of mucus in the body (see Arnold Ehret), he is also known as the father of raw veganism.

You need to be strongly motivated to do a water fast as it is really hard to do and once you have started, you are supposed to complete it to enjoy its benefits.

I have read of people who actually did a fast for over 2 weeks, some people even fasted for 40 days. However, I would strongly discourage such a prolonged fast without the supervision of a qualified physician.

In my case, I only fasted for 10 days and believe me, they were the longest days of my life.


From day 1 to day 3

The first three days are the hardest as your body needs to adjust to the total lack of food. To make the process smoother, I started the fast by having a little water porridge  for a couple of mornings. Drink a lot of water every day even if you are not thirsty; I used to drink 4 or 5 liters of water a day. You will feel very energetic!

From day 4 to day 10

This is actually when the real fast begins as your cells start the healing process. My diarrhea worsened and I had to run to the toilet every now and then for a couple of days. The discharge was yellowish and didn’t seem to contain any particular mucous to me. My stomach was totally bloated and a white creamy substance formed on the surface of my tongue. My mouth was constantly dry despite the amount of water that I was drinking.

Perhaps I should remind you that I am vegan and thus I was already purified in a way, though I strongly felt that the coffee  and a bar of chocolate which I had prior to my fast had been really deleterious to my health.

I felt completely weak and though people say that you do not feel hungry during the fast, I felt very hungry and had a lot of fantasies about cooking and eating!

While all your energy is focused on healing your cells, you will feel completely exhausted, I even had troubles walking up and down the stairs… Just lay down and let your body heal itself!

Breaking the fast

Breaking the fast is a very important part of fasting, some people even say the most important. I had some fresh fruit juice in the morning the first day, and a little bit of watermelon in the afternoon. On the second day, I had watermelon and papaya twice a day and fresh carrot juice. From the third day on, you can gradually introduce a new item but always avoid introducing too many items at once – I’m obviously referring to fruit and vegetables and eventually whole meal bread or pasta – made with whole wheat, water, salt and natural levitating agent; if the list of ingredients is longer than this then don’t eat it! My choice was brown rice but I also had some noodles after a few days.

What’s most important is that you eat very little as your stomach needs to adjust to food again. By food it is meant only fresh fruit and vegetables: your body will not feel like anything else. Don’t be tempted with any other food or you may really damage your cleansed liver and erase all the benefits of the fast.

Finally, remember that once you start detoxifying yourself, there wouldn’t be any point in going back to an unhealthy lifestyle. You should keep sticking to a plant based diet for life and avoid all forms of pollutants, preservatives, artificial coloring and flavors,  white sugar, chemical substances, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

The coating on my tongue is still there after my last fast 7 months ago, though not as strong. My stomach is still a little bloated even if my diarrhea has been totally healed, my allergies are gone and my eye floaters are much much better.

I know this is not the end of the journey; it takes a long time to recover as it took me a long time to get so ill, so be patient and live a healthy and stress free life.

Once you start healing, never look back again to your old habits!

Become your own doctor by becoming responsible for how you treat yourself physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Stay healthy, happy and grateful – whatever you lack will find its way to you!

I wish you all a blessed journey!

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4 thoughts on “Water Fasting

    1. You said that you are drinking juice now. Do you mean that you only drink juice or do you have some solid food as well? How long have you been juicing? Fasting is very very strong. My body is still detoxifying heavily one year after my water fast. I feel that my internal organs are healing and my eye floaters are there to point out to me how the process is going. I think that eating well is key but also a positive and healthy lifestyle is indispensable to heal completely. I’m going to read your blog to discover more about you. It’s important to exchange experiences so that we don’t feel too lonely on our healing journey! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, if you read my Home, About and Pears but No More Parsnips you’ll learn a lot about my path, also How I juiced my skin clear. I do a juice fast 4 times a year, have a juice at least twice a day normally and either raw or lightly cooked meal in the evening. No junk food or processed food other than an occasional couple of squares of raw chocolate. I agree about sharing, that’s why I started my blog. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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