I know, there are a lot of people who think of promiscuity as something natural, even cultural in some places.

In my view, everyone is free to do whatever they please as long as they don’t harm anyone. As long as the people involved are adult and in mutual agreement, they can do whatever they want.

In my personal experience, I met people who promised love and wanted a committed relationship but they were not willing to offer the same. So, when you discover that your partner has been cheating on you, your Disney-like fantasy world falls apart in no time.

For some people cheating or betraying, as they say in Italy, it’s not a big deal. But it is.

From my point of view, if your partner sleeps with someone else and doesn’t have the courage to tell you, it’s a clear sign that that person cannot be trusted.

It is the lie the hurts the most.

My experience with cheaters is that they no longer have the strength to look into your eyes while making love or holding hands. They know they are lying – mainly to themselves.

Behavioral change is the first symptom to inform you about a possible betrayal. Other symptoms include: getting angry for no reason, blaming you for whatever and acting suspicious.

They break people’s heart because they think it would be even worse to confess their betrayal. But it’s not.

Telling the truth is the highest form of love.

In my modest experience, I found out that cheaters are compulsive liars and cannot be trusted – let alone setting up a family with them.

I think that such people should pair up with people like them and not those who, like me, truly believe that faithfulness is an indispensable value to build up a relationship together no matter what your sexual orientation is.

Nowadays, monogamy is seen as a dysfunction but to me, being in a committed relationship and cheating on my partner would be like declaring of being vegan and having meat every now and then.

Decide who you want to be and stick with it!


Into the Labyrinth

Into the Labyrinth

It took me a lifetime to get here. If I had known what I know now when I was in my twenties, I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes. But I did get here in the end so the journey has been worth it!

There had been times in my life where I felt so depressed and frustrated that I wanted to take my life. I’m so glad I didn’t do it. I had to walk in a dark tunnel blindfolded to see the light again. And then I realized that there were no real enemies or abusers but it was just me.

It’s like entering a labyrinth, each one of us starts from a different point. You meet people inside, some good other “bad” but they are all there to push you towards your final destination – if you are strong enough not to give up on yourself -.

There are a lot of traps in the labyrinth and if you get stuck with one of those, for whatever reason, it may take you a long time to get free again.

But you must never give up!

Of course it would be easier if we could walk the labyrinth hand in hand with someone else, but we can’t. The journey is an individual journey. You may cross path with somebody, you may even walk side by side for a while but for each one of us there is an individual path.

That’s how important we are to our Divine Goddess.

Your faith will be tested over and over again and you must always have the strength to

get up and walk

Intoxicants of all kinds, alcohol and other types of addictions may ease the pain but will further push you deep into the labyrinth. Explore life without ever forgetting

how precious you are.

The beauty of existence is that it unfolds itself gradually so never rush anything.

Take your time.

Nobody can save anyone else but we can help each other by telling the truth about who we really are – shamelessly and without any fears.

All secrets are hidden in your heart. They will be revealed one by one only when you are ready – that means once you have learned your lesson. In the meantime, bear with me.

Be faithful, follow your heart and treat your body as the temple of God, because it is!

One thing I can promise You:

It will be worth it 


Love all, feed all

Love all, feed all

What is the purpose of our existence?

Life is the most precious gift you will ever receive. Every single moment of your existence is precious because you have to make a choice. Make sure you make the right one. Your feelings are your navigator to get where you need to be. Every situation is a lesson to teach you something about yourself. Your enemies are there to help you and to show you the meaning of what is wrong. If you don’t like something yourself, don’t do it to others.

Learn to love yourself.

Forgive yourself before you can forgive others. We all make mistakes, some small, some huge. Don’t punish yourself, there is always redemption if you truly want it. Nobody is perfect but we are here to learn. Sometimes we do bad things to each other simply because we are immature. Life will take you exactly where you need to be, be patient and faithful.

Time is precious, don’t waste it hating anyone. If you find yourself surrounded by negative people just walk away. No excuses needed.

There are trials in this life; don’t hide behind a false sense of security. Be brave and take risks. If you have a dream, live your dream even if everyone else thinks that you are completely crazy.

We didn’t come for money – you have a purpose here: find it!

Time to go home

Time to go home

It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve tried in this life, whatever you thought you deserved because of hard work was never really meant to be yours because “yours” doesn’t exist.

This is the biggest lesson to learn for each single human.

I was in Nepal before, during and after the two major earthquakes which hit the country last year. I had been in Nepal years earlier and I immediately saw how quickly things had changed there.

The first time I visited Kathmandu, I remember street children dressed in rags chasing rats to have something to eat. There were not so many cars and the relatively small city was interestingly a mix of Hindu and Tibetan Buddhism culture. You could smell the perfume of incense since the early morning mixed with other fragrances coming from the small houses where the women were preparing dalbat – a traditional dish – for their families. Despite poverty, everybody was always smiling, their teeth  white and shining, truly perfect.

My memories of Nepal were all positive: good people, good food and excellent environment. I flew to Kathmandu from Thailand – another country I love from the deep of my heart -. Despite the relatively geographical vicinity between the two countries, the cultural shock was almost inevitable. Kathmandu had turned into a very big city, most of the trees were gone, there was no distance between a building and another and the traffic had become even more chaotic than ever. The noise pollution was simply unbearable, just like in India and Myanmar, even the smallest vehicle had to blow its horn. Despite being  at the feet of the Himalayan chain, the air was thick and polluted.

I only spent a night in Kathmandu and then next morning, I took the first bus to Pokhara because I remembered some beautiful and quiet places around the lake. To my surprise, even Pokhara had been transformed into a cemented galore. Most of the green areas and trees were gone, replaced by fancy hotels and guest houses. Luckily I found a nice and cheap guest house in an area where they still had no asphalt on the road so it was relatively quiet though the concept of hygiene in Nepal seemed to have stayed the same.

There are a lot of species in Nepal that are disappearing from the planet because of the inconsiderate cementification  and deforestation of the entire country. Even places that could previously be reached only on foot because located on the famous trekking trails (Annapurna and Everest base camp), were now connected by buses and planes. The building of roads and airports to fulfill the dream of  tourists have caused unprecedented devastation to the Nepali territory. Of course, at the same time, the local people got some benefits; more money was coming in, children appeared to be all well fed and dressed. The empowerment of women was evident everywhere compared to the past. I saw men happily cooking and serving their women and children; something which was absolutely unthinkable of decades earlier. Women and cows used to be, and still are in some places, believed to be property of men; their father first and husband later. Hindu women were traditionally not allowed to work and had no rights to inherit or possess properties so if their husband died, they were in deep trouble. Thank God that has changed!

I am not an engineer nor an environment expert, but I do know that if you cut down all the trees in mountain areas which are subjected to heavy rainfalls, snow melting and tectonic movement, you are asking for troubles.

The first earthquake caused a lot of damage in Kathmandu and there were no open areas for the people to escape the collapse of the buildings. Lots of tourists left Nepal terrified because the land kept shaking and the numerous landslides wiped out several small villages together with the villagers and all their possessions which included buffaloes and cows. There were no trees to stop the mud from falling down the mountains.

I decided to stay in Nepal because most tourists left and the locals were starting to panic. The second earthquake seemed much stronger  and convinced some of the tourists left that it was time to go. But I stayed longer with other die hard foreigners. Suddenly the entire country became very quiet. Now and then you could see trucks loaded with furniture of people who had had their house destroyed and were moving to other, safer areas.

As humans we seem to forget the fragility of life, we think of ourselves as immortals, but we are not.

Life can terminate at any moment without any prior warning.

This is the reason why we need to be kind and compassionate to all every single step of the way. There was a shop in Pokhara whose long name reminded me of the impermanence of this existence:

This too shall pass

Plant Based Delicacies

Plant Based Delicacies

A lot of people believe that switching to a vegan lifestyle will deprive them of one of the most incredible pleasures of our existence: the taste of food. In reality there is as much variety in a vegan menu as in any other menu. Here’s my experience both as a cook and as a foody.

In Europe, I used to cook a lot of different dishes myself and tried a few vegan restaurants though they were really expensive and fancy. I love food. In my opinion good food doesn’t need to be fancy but rather delicious, nutritious and abundant. The key word for a lot of us is: A F F O R D A B L E.

Being vegan in Europe is relatively a new trend but in Asia, veganism and vegetarianism have been practiced for millenia thus they’ve had more time to produce extraordinarily delicious dishes.

Another particularity of the vegan Asian cuisine is the use of mock items such as  meat, fish and seafood. They are made with very healthy ingredients such as soy beans, roots, vegetables and only occasionally seitan which is made of gluten. The experience with some of these mock products is so incredible because they look and feel exactly like their original counterparts. Fish even taste like real fish because they use a type of seaweed which resembles the skin of fish and the flesh has the same consistency of that of a fish.

If you have been vegan for a while, it feels a bit odd eating these products which resembles animal products so faithfully. However, the beauty of them is that they are the perfect solution for those in transition. In fact, a lot of people believe that the hardest thing to do is to give up those large chunks of meat and fish  and switch to salad instead. Wrong!

In the photo you can see an example of a take away vegan food bought in a small vegan restaurant in Penang, Malaysia. They have the best vegan prawns you have ever tasted in your life and they look exactly like the originals. The ingredients are all natural, plant based and safe

Have a good vegan day all of you!




Nowadays you can find people using a mobile phone even in the most remote areas of Myanmar. Yet, we still don’t know how to articulate our feelings.

Some people believe that the story of Adam and Eve in the bible is a metaphor to illustrate mind and feelings. The male character represents the mind and the female, feelings. Such theory is also represented in Taoism with the symbol of universal dualism known as yin and yang. In Taoism,  Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, the origin of all diseases lay in an unbalance of the elements classified as either yin or yang.

Modern society is largely dominated by the mind at the expense of our feelings.

There have been quite a few books about the so called emotional-intelligence. Yet, if you look at most educational systems in the world, they are still based on an archaic competitive model which imposes to the students to memorize a lot of information without ever encouraging critical thoughts or experiential learning. A young Italian boy defined such educational system as a “military” system.

While travelling in developing countries, I realized how the main focus of getting an education for most people, is to get a better position in life and hopefully become rich and famous.

Some people may think, what’s wrong with that?


The countries I’ve visited in Asia so far are literally, and I really mean literally, submerged by plastic and other types of waste. Forests are getting destroyed at an incredible speed, a lot of species have disappeared, water contaminated and people are becoming obese and poisoned by the excessive consumption of junk food.

A Northen European man told me while in Nepal – Don’t you see? It’s all a metaphor; we pollute the world because it is a reflection of the pollution that we have inside –. But in reality he was worried about the fall of capitalism and the birth of an alternative society.

If you look at Nature closely, you will see that everything operates collaboratively. The hierarchical – predatory system is based on cavemen primordial instincts and has never evolved ever since. Yes, we have gay rights so of course there are positive aspects in that as well but until the last Creature of the planet is not treated with respect, we have failed to call our society truly civilized.

They say that the belief that some lives matter more than others is the root of all evil.

A young American man I met in India told me that our system is completely natural. – Big fish eats small fish, that’s how it works – he said; basically justifying slavery and violence against the most vulnerable: women, children, animals, plants and soil.

We desperately need to teach our children how to express their emotions and encourage their own natural abilities rather than forcing them to fit into pre-existing models.

The reason why  almost everybody is on medication today – children included – is because we have evolved only technologically and intellectually but not emotionally.

Our brain is formed by two hemispheres: one is yin the other yang. They are interconnected and supposed to work in balance.

It’s time for humanity to discover their deeper self and embrace life fully remembering that:

Life is the most beautiful gift you will ever receive; make the best out of it!



Animal Eugenics

Animal Eugenics

Eugenics is a term to describe some practices to improve the genetic quality of humans – but not only. Hitler’s obsession with the Aryan race is one of the most popular examples of how eugenics works. However, there are many other obvious cases of eugenics which are overlooked by humans because they concern animals. The term used in this case is breed.

If you were born in a so called “civilized” country, you may think that breed dogs and cats are natural; well, they are not. They have been interferred with genetically to suit the needs of humans. Small breed dogs, for instance, are small because scientists took the characteristics of dogs born with genetic problems such as dwarfism and bred them until they got their first pocket dog. Fur-less cats and dogs have been created for those who can’t stand fur. These animals have an unbelievable number of skin problems and require constant veterinary assistance to keep living a “normal” life.

Basically, these animals have been genetically modified.

It breaks my heart to see how many genuine dogs and cats get euthanized each year solely on the basis that they have no market value. Human obsession with breeding has gone beyond any control. Today we allow breeders to keep creating genetically modified dogs and cats for profit often in very cruel conditions such as in puppy mills. But that’s not all. Breeders couldn’t care less about the fact that they are breeding animals belonging to the same family tree. Brothers and sisters are often forced to have puppies together and their chances of inheriting genetic disorders such as arthritis, skin diseases and so on are multiplied.

If you profit from animals you don’t love them.

Love is not about fashion.

If you love dogs and cats then adopt them from a shelter.

While I walk the streets, I see a few stray dogs here in Asia – I won’t tell you where exactly, it doesn’t matter anymore -. More than twenty years ago they used to run towards me wagging their tail in happiness. Now, they are scared to death. I can see it in their eyes. They are getting replaced by breed dogs. I saw an husky fainted in a shop because of the unbearable heat. People see dogs and cats of a certain breed in movies or music videos and then they want them too, forgetting that they are Heavenly Creatures and not toys to entertain humans.

In conclusion, everybody knows that racism is not only wrong but against Nature.

We fall in love with someone because of their characteristics and not because of their genes – Gattaca style (a popular Sci-Fi movie). Real love is borderless. The animals on our planet are our greatest teachers in a lot of matters. Take dogs for instance, when they fall in love they don’t really care about their partner’s breed. They just fall in love. That’s their nature, nobody can really tell them what partner to choose and why. We force them to breed with someone they’ve probably never met before because we think they would make good puppies – so we can profit from them.

It’s time to re-evaluate our core beliefs and take responsibility for our actions

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