I surrender to your Golden embrace

What has happened was just a dream

Now I breathe in Your love

I am awake

What else is there to desire

but You

And everything falls into place

I don’t really know

what the next step will be

but I’m totally in Your care

I know You won’t leave me


It took me a long time to get here

Now I know You

I remember You

You are Mine

and I am Yours

My biggest wish is

never suffer again

never believe in illusions again

I owe You everything

I owe You my life, my breath, my existence

I cannot be without You

Bless Me once more

for perfect health

Protect Me from ignorance

Teach Me and guide Me

How can I switch off my mind

and be pure essence?

I love You

I am not lying

I can’t

Everybody reminds Me of You

Then, what else is there?

An embrace that will last a long time

is nothing in comparison

with a glimpse of You

My Beloved

There are Golden gates opening

It is time to fly

My Beloved do not be afraid

I am with You all the time

Nothing can stop You anymore

We are indeed in Your Realm

Nothing else matters

Don’t expect anything

You are in my arms

And I am Your lover, Your friend, Your Divine Light

Be free of thoughts

I love You

Thank You


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