Reality is a reflection of the way we feel inside. We project our feelings and thoughts and, almost miraculously, whatever we are projecting gets attracted to us and finds its way to meet us.

Does it sound difficult to grasp?

It is the so called Law of Attraction but a lot of people get really confused about it because someone spread the word that you can get whatever you want, but didn’t tell them that there are consequences to both your wishes and actions. Serious ones!

Everything I’m writing here is based on my own personal experience and my suggestion is, if it resonates with you it’s right otherwise don’t do what other people think it’s best for you. Always follow your own intuition and inner guidance!

If today we live in a world which resembles a huge trash dump, millions of different flora and fauna species completely and deliberately wiped out of the planet it is no coincidence. How did we get here?

I’ve asked myself that question over and over again and I tried to come up with a solution but it seems that only experience can teach us the meaning of what’s really worth in this life.

We understand hunger only when we go hungry, understand the impermanence of life only when someone dies unexpectedly, understand love only when we loose it. We live in a dual world where in order to understand the value of Light, we must first walk through darkness. The good news is that darkness won’t last forever unless you get used to it and loose hope.

The best way to understand human nature is to carefully observe how Nature works. In India people point out that a little seed has the potential of becoming a tree.

Analogously, every human being has the potential of fully develop and blossom into a happy and healthy human being. Most of our anxieties and stress are caused by a wrong thinking pattern. There is a reason for that so never think you are the only one who is facing certain troubles or mental disorders. Modern society has managed to label each one of us and easily dish out medication to make us fit a role we cannot possibly identify with.

Briefly, if you look at Nature, there are so many different types of flowers;  they come in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Diversity has a purpose.

The same is for trees, plants, animals and humans.

Each one of us is absolutely unique.

Humans have always tried to tame and control Nature. This is probably a profound need of an individual to control the environment in which they live  to assert some power over it. Our feeling of powerlessness is unbearable. Some ancient religions tell us that we are the chosen ones, that we are superior to animals because we reason. Though by looking at the way we treat ourselves, our habitat and everything connected to it, it is really hard to define us as “reasonable” beings.

What has changed since the beginning of history?

The human ego got fatter and fatter, today we live in a society where people give more importance to superficial things than profound human values.

Everything in Nature works collaboratively.

A flower waits for a bee to come and get its nectar but at the same time, the bee will spread the flower’s pollen and other flowers will be born as a consequence. Everything in Nature, including us, needs the elements for their survivor. Quantum physicists have discovered that everything  is made up of the same substance (God’s particle, Higgs boson).

Competition is an invention of the human ego. Today, our society is still based on such primordial version of existence that so far, has massively produced dangerously repressed and  insecure humans.

We have completely detached from our real Nature to comply with society expectations of us. There are little kids on medication because it is easier to blame them for their behaviour rather than taking responsibility and experimenting with new way of teaching.

We took the primordial instincts of animals and turn them into something fashionable. Armed conflicts to seize land and resources can be seen in different  animal species which are described as territorial.

Breeding has been glorified. Today we have sexy shops, pornography and special lingerie just for that purpose. In that, we have surpassed animals!

The human obsession for uniformity and standardization – which are the opposite of what Nature is supposed to be – have caused an irreversible damage to our planet and millions of other species. All over the world people wear the same branded items, eat the same junk and have the same dream: to become rich.

Everybody wants to be rich in a world that keeps getting poorer.

Once the land is gone, we will be gone too!

Perhaps the only way out of such madness is to follow your heart and do what you love. On a planet of 7 billion people we cannot possibly survive with this type of civilization. Basically, we are dead people walking. All over Asia there is plastic everywhere, mothers are feeding their kids junk food because they see it advertised on TV. People are still innocent, they believe that if something is advertised  on the media it must be good.

We were raised in a system where you are not supposed to think in a critical way but obey blindly to whatever you are taught. It has been like that since the beginning of time.

By living in the city we completely  forget our connection with Mother Nature. We no longer play in the dirt. We think that our food comes from supermarkets and that water magically flows from taps.

In a collaborative society, each individual has what they need for their survival and can share the rest. We can all help each other and put our good skills for the welfare of all including plants and animals. Even the person who feels completely useless may discover hidden talents in a society which welcomes diversity rather than condemning it.

Modern society tells us that we are not good enough for this world. We are too stupid, too fat, too thin, too strange and whatever… Why don’t we just stop for a moment and meditate on who we really are? What is our purpose?

Every individual is unique and must be encouraged to explore their own unique talents since a very early age.

We need to take responsibility for our own actions or there won’t be a future human race.

By nurturing ourselves and starting to understand things the way they are, we have the potential to reverse the course of this planet and return it to the idyllic place it once used to be.

Civilization has taught us that humans are not superior to Nature, they are just a mere part of it. By swallowing our ego we can start accepting ourselves with love with the certainty that everything that exists is there for a reason so we don’t need to tame or control anything at all, our own Nature included!

It’s time to love again!






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