The biggest obstacles in life are merely a projection of our mind. Modern society is a labyrinth of fears but some of us have found a way out.


Here is a list of the 3 most common fears and their meaning:

  1. Fear of Death  – This is a primordial fear which is important when in real danger because it can save your life. However, getting obsessed with it out of context creates phobias such as hypochondria and other similar obsessions linked with health and hygiene.
  2. Seeing yourself ugly –  The creation of a standard worldwide has widely contributed to make everyone feel not beautiful enough. Children, teenagers and insecure adults are very likely to fall prey of such misconception. Eating disorders, undergoing plastic surgery and excessive fitness training are all signs of non acceptance of oneself.
  3. Being a looser – Here too we have certain standards which are not appropriate for all. The educational system and society  as a whole, tell us that we must fit into a particular role though that’s completely unrealistic. People who fall into this category are constantly trying to prove their worth by achieving high academic standards or setting up companies though they burn up rather quickly. Some people may be the complete opposite and never try anything in life for fear of failure. Both categories can become easily addicted to alcohol, drugs or other types of addictions.


How to face the above fears according to my own experience:

  1. Live each day as if it were your last – Most of our fears are a product of our mind. The secret for getting rid of most fears is to let go of control and follow the perfect flow of life. Reconnecting with Nature has extraordinary potential. Breathing fresh oxygen and observing the creatures of the woods, for instance, can be an enjoyable therapy. Disconnect from the media, switch off your phone and whatever may disturb you. The world can go on even if you disappear for a couple of days. Give priority to your well-being.
  2. Accept Yourself the way you are – The only reason why we do not accept our bodies or the way we look is because we want to become like someone we are not. First of all, accept yourself the way you are. Here too you have to reconnect with Nature and understand biodiversity. There are billions of flowers, each one different from the other, yet beautiful. Focus more on health and ethical eating (go vegan) rather than physical appearance, that’ll help you build up your self esteem. Get involved with charities, do things which make you feel good about yourself. You are not just a body, you are a beautiful and perfect human being.
  3. To err is human – You were born to enjoy life not to become its slave. Do the things that give you pleasure and forget the others. You don’t need an MBA to be happy. Follow what your gut feelings are telling you – silencing them can make you depressed and dissatisfied with your life. Sometimes it is better to work as a waiter if that allows you to pursue your dream of becoming a painter! You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone else but yourself. Forget what anyone told you about your skills, your potential is there so just express it fearlessly. Failure is part of the learning process. There wouldn’t be any progress without failing. It is only when we fail that we understand what is suitable for us and what isn’t. Trust yourself and let go of wanting to become who you are not.

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