There are a lot of people on this planet who think that when they are introduced to a new concept, idea, philosophy or religion, they have to buy the entire package.

As a critical thinker – yes, one of those people who always questions everything until they get it themselves – I reckon there are positive and negative aspects in all disciplines, religions, ideologies, philosophies. However, they  were experienced by somebody else in a completely different context and time.

Ancient doesn’t mean right.

Everything in this life is subject to change. A seed will sprout and give birth to a beautiful plant that one day will become a tree. Ideas are exactly the same. The moment you get stuck with an ideology is the moment you have stopped learning – thus evolving!

There are a lot of pearls in Eastern philosophies and religions, however I do not buy the entire package. The reason why is because I cannot stand inequality.

There is no rational justification for cruelty.

I met a few people here in Asia, women in particular, who believe that staying in a relationship with an abusive husband was their karma because they probably did something wrong in their previous life. From personal experience, I’ve learned that the only lesson available in an abusive relationship is to

learn to love yourself enough to walk off.

There is no justification to abuse of any sort. I think that when Jesus said “Love Thyself”, he meant – including yourself!

Some other people I met during my journey, were convinced to be the reincarnation of very important people (e.g.: Buddha, Jesus etc.) and acted accordingly…

Our ego is our most fierce opponent. Defeat it and you will have conquered yourself.

It’s better to be a happy nobody than an unhappy somebody!


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