Eugenics is a term to describe some practices to improve the genetic quality of humans – but not only. Hitler’s obsession with the Aryan race is one of the most popular examples of how eugenics works. However, there are many other obvious cases of eugenics which are overlooked by humans because they concern animals. The term used in this case is breed.

If you were born in a so called “civilized” country, you may think that breed dogs and cats are natural; well, they are not. They have been interferred with genetically to suit the needs of humans. Small breed dogs, for instance, are small because scientists took the characteristics of dogs born with genetic problems such as dwarfism and bred them until they got their first pocket dog. Fur-less cats and dogs have been created for those who can’t stand fur. These animals have an unbelievable number of skin problems and require constant veterinary assistance to keep living a “normal” life.

Basically, these animals have been genetically modified.

It breaks my heart to see how many genuine dogs and cats get euthanized each year solely on the basis that they have no market value. Human obsession with breeding has gone beyond any control. Today we allow breeders to keep creating genetically modified dogs and cats for profit often in very cruel conditions such as in puppy mills. But that’s not all. Breeders couldn’t care less about the fact that they are breeding animals belonging to the same family tree. Brothers and sisters are often forced to have puppies together and their chances of inheriting genetic disorders such as arthritis, skin diseases and so on are multiplied.

If you profit from animals you don’t love them.

Love is not about fashion.

If you love dogs and cats then adopt them from a shelter.

While I walk the streets, I see a few stray dogs here in Asia – I won’t tell you where exactly, it doesn’t matter anymore -. More than twenty years ago they used to run towards me wagging their tail in happiness. Now, they are scared to death. I can see it in their eyes. They are getting replaced by breed dogs. I saw an husky fainted in a shop because of the unbearable heat. People see dogs and cats of a certain breed in movies or music videos and then they want them too, forgetting that they are Heavenly Creatures and not toys to entertain humans.

In conclusion, everybody knows that racism is not only wrong but against Nature.

We fall in love with someone because of their characteristics and not because of their genes – Gattaca style (a popular Sci-Fi movie). Real love is borderless. The animals on our planet are our greatest teachers in a lot of matters. Take dogs for instance, when they fall in love they don’t really care about their partner’s breed. They just fall in love. That’s their nature, nobody can really tell them what partner to choose and why. We force them to breed with someone they’ve probably never met before because we think they would make good puppies – so we can profit from them.

It’s time to re-evaluate our core beliefs and take responsibility for our actions

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