Nowadays you can find people using a mobile phone even in the most remote areas of Myanmar. Yet, we still don’t know how to articulate our feelings.

Some people believe that the story of Adam and Eve in the bible is a metaphor to illustrate mind and feelings. The male character represents the mind and the female, feelings. Such theory is also represented in Taoism with the symbol of universal dualism known as yin and yang. In Taoism,  Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, the origin of all diseases lay in an unbalance of the elements classified as either yin or yang.

Modern society is largely dominated by the mind at the expense of our feelings.

There have been quite a few books about the so called emotional-intelligence. Yet, if you look at most educational systems in the world, they are still based on an archaic competitive model which imposes to the students to memorize a lot of information without ever encouraging critical thoughts or experiential learning. A young Italian boy defined such educational system as a “military” system.

While travelling in developing countries, I realized how the main focus of getting an education for most people, is to get a better position in life and hopefully become rich and famous.

Some people may think, what’s wrong with that?


The countries I’ve visited in Asia so far are literally, and I really mean literally, submerged by plastic and other types of waste. Forests are getting destroyed at an incredible speed, a lot of species have disappeared, water contaminated and people are becoming obese and poisoned by the excessive consumption of junk food.

A Northen European man told me while in Nepal – Don’t you see? It’s all a metaphor; we pollute the world because it is a reflection of the pollution that we have inside –. But in reality he was worried about the fall of capitalism and the birth of an alternative society.

If you look at Nature closely, you will see that everything operates collaboratively. The hierarchical – predatory system is based on cavemen primordial instincts and has never evolved ever since. Yes, we have gay rights so of course there are positive aspects in that as well but until the last Creature of the planet is not treated with respect, we have failed to call our society truly civilized.

They say that the belief that some lives matter more than others is the root of all evil.

A young American man I met in India told me that our system is completely natural. – Big fish eats small fish, that’s how it works – he said; basically justifying slavery and violence against the most vulnerable: women, children, animals, plants and soil.

We desperately need to teach our children how to express their emotions and encourage their own natural abilities rather than forcing them to fit into pre-existing models.

The reason why  almost everybody is on medication today – children included – is because we have evolved only technologically and intellectually but not emotionally.

Our brain is formed by two hemispheres: one is yin the other yang. They are interconnected and supposed to work in balance.

It’s time for humanity to discover their deeper self and embrace life fully remembering that:

Life is the most beautiful gift you will ever receive; make the best out of it!




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