A lot of people believe that switching to a vegan lifestyle will deprive them of one of the most incredible pleasures of our existence: the taste of food. In reality there is as much variety in a vegan menu as in any other menu. Here’s my experience both as a cook and as a foody.

In Europe, I used to cook a lot of different dishes myself and tried a few vegan restaurants though they were really expensive and fancy. I love food. In my opinion good food doesn’t need to be fancy but rather delicious, nutritious and abundant. The key word for a lot of us is: A F F O R D A B L E.

Being vegan in Europe is relatively a new trend but in Asia, veganism and vegetarianism have been practiced for millenia thus they’ve had more time to produce extraordinarily delicious dishes.

Another particularity of the vegan Asian cuisine is the use of mock items such as  meat, fish and seafood. They are made with very healthy ingredients such as soy beans, roots, vegetables and only occasionally seitan which is made of gluten. The experience with some of these mock products is so incredible because they look and feel exactly like their original counterparts. Fish even taste like real fish because they use a type of seaweed which resembles the skin of fish and the flesh has the same consistency of that of a fish.

If you have been vegan for a while, it feels a bit odd eating these products which resembles animal products so faithfully. However, the beauty of them is that they are the perfect solution for those in transition. In fact, a lot of people believe that the hardest thing to do is to give up those large chunks of meat and fish  and switch to salad instead. Wrong!

In the photo you can see an example of a take away vegan food bought in a small vegan restaurant in Penang, Malaysia. They have the best vegan prawns you have ever tasted in your life and they look exactly like the originals. The ingredients are all natural, plant based and safe

Have a good vegan day all of you!



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