What is the purpose of our existence?

Life is the most precious gift you will ever receive. Every single moment of your existence is precious because you have to make a choice. Make sure you make the right one. Your feelings are your navigator to get where you need to be. Every situation is a lesson to teach you something about yourself. Your enemies are there to help you and to show you the meaning of what is wrong. If you don’t like something yourself, don’t do it to others.

Learn to love yourself.

Forgive yourself before you can forgive others. We all make mistakes, some small, some huge. Don’t punish yourself, there is always redemption if you truly want it. Nobody is perfect but we are here to learn. Sometimes we do bad things to each other simply because we are immature. Life will take you exactly where you need to be, be patient and faithful.

Time is precious, don’t waste it hating anyone. If you find yourself surrounded by negative people just walk away. No excuses needed.

There are trials in this life; don’t hide behind a false sense of security. Be brave and take risks. If you have a dream, live your dream even if everyone¬†else thinks that you are completely crazy.

We didn’t come for money – you have a purpose here: find it!


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