It took me a lifetime to get here. If I had known what I know now when I was in my twenties, I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes. But I did get here in the end so the journey has been worth it!

There had been times in my life where I felt so depressed and frustrated that I wanted to take my life. I’m so glad I didn’t do it. I had to walk in a dark tunnel blindfolded to see the light again. And then I realized that there were no real enemies or abusers but it was just me.

It’s like entering a labyrinth, each one of us starts from a different point. You meet people inside, some good other “bad” but they are all there to push you towards your final destination – if you are strong enough not to give up on yourself -.

There are a lot of traps in the labyrinth and if you get stuck with one of those, for whatever reason, it may take you a long time to get free again.

But you must never give up!

Of course it would be easier if we could walk the labyrinth hand in hand with someone else, but we can’t. The journey is an individual journey. You may cross path with somebody, you may even walk side by side for a while but for each one of us there is an individual path.

That’s how important we are to our Divine Goddess.

Your faith will be tested over and over again and you must always have the strength to

get up and walk

Intoxicants of all kinds, alcohol and other types of addictions may ease the pain but will further push you deep into the labyrinth. Explore life without ever forgetting

how precious you are.

The beauty of existence is that it unfolds itself gradually so never rush anything.

Take your time.

Nobody can save anyone else but we can help each other by telling the truth about who we really are – shamelessly and without any fears.

All secrets are hidden in your heart. They will be revealed one by one only when you are ready – that means once you have learned your lesson. In the meantime, bear with me.

Be faithful, follow your heart and treat your body as the temple of God, because it is!

One thing I can promise You:

It will be worth it 



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