Blender Texture Paint for Beginners

Blender Texture Paint for Beginners

Blender 2.77a

How to texture paint your mesh in Cycles Render

1. If you have a simple mesh you may want to skip this step, otherwise I suggest you to go to EDIT mode and select the part or connected parts which you want to paint separately. Press P, a menu will appear asking you which option to choose (Selection, By Material, By loose parts); select Selection. Now to select either the original mesh or the newly created object you have to go to OBJECT mode and then return to EDIT. From now on, each part of your mesh will be dealt with separately.

2. If your object is complicated, I suggest you to MARK THE SEAM otherwise leave it.

3. Split the screen in two parts and on the bottom left of one of the panels, click on the little cube, select UV/Image Editor.


4. In the other panel (3d view), select the object you want to paint first then switch to EDIT MODE. Remember that for each panel to be active, your mouse must be hovering it. Press U to unwrap. For a very simple object, Smart Unwrap (no marked seam necessary) is very convenient otherwise just choose Unwrap.

5. Return to the UV/Image Editor panel and at the bottom you will see the icon of an image with NEW next to it. Select NEW and choose a name for the object you are about to paint. Make sure to type a name you can easily associate with the object. Once done, you will see that your object has turned black just like the background color of your UV map. This is because the two are connected so don’t panic! You may also need to zoom out to adjust your view.


6. Now, on the right side of the 3d view, select Material then New and give it a name by double clicking on Material.001. At the far end of the Color section, there is a dark gray area. Click on it and select Image Texture, right under it a new menu will appear. If your click on the image icon, your newly created UV map should be there, otherwise choose open and select it manually.

7. Remember to save your work. We are now ready to paint, hover your mouse over the 3d panel and select TEXTURE PAINT. In the 3d view panel, your object is still black at this stage, press T to bring up the Paint tool bar. Select the color you want and start painting your object. You can adjust the radius and the strength of your brush from under the color palette viewed as a colored circle.


8. As soon as you start painting, you will notice that your UV map gets updated in real time. It is fundamental now to save your UV map as Image. This is the image that you will keep forever even for future references so place it somewhere easy to find and to connect with the original image. Later on, if you want to export your object, you will have to export its related images too. The colored UV map will be saved as a PNG file.

9. Select Save as Image from the UV Editor and save your image as a png file. Every time you make changes to this object, an asterisk will appear on the menu next to Image to inform you that you need to save your work.

10. Back to painting your object, you will notice that the brush may not be as accurate for some little corners. In this case I suggest you to paint directly on the UV map. On the bottom menu of the UV editor, click View and select Paint. Now you can paint directly on the UV map and at the same time, you can see the result in the 3d view. It’s often good to switch between the two.

11. Once you are done, repeat the process for the other items connected to the object which we separated earlier.

12. When you are finished painting and you are satisfied with your work, you can join the parts together again so that you can move them around. Select the small objects first and the main mesh last by right clicking on it while holding SHIFT down. When all the objects are active, press CTRL + J to join them. However, if something goes wrong you can again split the parts with the Separate option as explained earlier.

13. Texture painted objects are often very dark when rendered. In this case, once you have arranged the lighting appropriately, there is another tweak that you can use to balance the light.

14. Go to the right hand bar in 3d view and select the world; it’s the icon with Planet Earth. Select Ambient Occlusion and adjust the factor. You can see the changes in real time if you select the Viewport Shading to Rendered.

Have fun!


George Town Street Art, Malaysia

George Town Street Art, Malaysia

Malaysia has an impressive number of street art masterpieces. George Town is one of the cities where you can admire such skillful work but I’ve seen impressive art in Malacca too.

Sometimes, I used an object such as a car or a person (willing to appear here) to give you an idea about the dimension of the piece of art. Hold your breath…here we go!

Below, the bicycle is real …















The stools are real.


An angel!



Dedicated to those who like FB







Believe me; this is not all. There is much more to see, if you have a chance, go there and have a look in person!


Vegan in George Town, Malaysia

Vegan in George Town, Malaysia

If veganism had a capital, it would be George Town. George Town has numerous vegan restaurants suitable for all tastes as well as budgets.

I will not list all of the restaurants because there are way too many. Every time I got lost in the city, I found a new vegan place to eat. Some are very small and only sell soups, right in the heart of the old town. I did not spend a long time in the modern part of the city though there is a beautiful walk along the beach and you can easily rent a bicycle and tour around.

In my view, the most peculiar and characteristic part of town is the old city where Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures have been living together for centuries. Here you can find some really outstanding Buddhist and Taoist temples as well as beautiful mosques, often one next to the other. Most vegan restaurants are in this side of the city.

The photo at the beginning of the article is something I made myself while in George Town. I bought fresh coconut milk from the market (they make it fresh every day except the weekend), peeled a papaya and mixed them together. If you need vitamin B, this is a real bomb and incredibly delicious!

Chinese vegetarian restaurants are actually vegan, apart from some packaged stuff which may contain honey, you are 100% safe. On the other hand, Indian vegetarian restaurants often use dairy products in their food and may not be totally safe for a vegan to eat there. Unless, of course, you know exactly what’s in your meal.

EE Beng Vegetarian Buffet

18 Lebuh Dickens, George Town



This restaurant has a very big selection of different noodles, noodle soups, vegetables, tofu mock meat and fish. The food is fresh and delicious and it’s great for those suffering from allergies or other ailments because some dishes are very plain and lightly  cooked (e.g. broccoli). You can choose between white or brown rice. It’s better to eat there before 2 pm because after a certain hour they stop cooking and only sell what’s left. Noodle soups are only available until 1 pm.

Luk Yea Yan 

33 Lorong Madras

This restaurant is located at a 10 minute walk from EE Beng. I normally went there in the afternoon or evening. They have a good buffet in the morning until about 1 pm, after that you can order from a menu a la carte (translated in English). All dishes are good but their best dish is the famous Laksa ! They also have numerous items to take away.

EverGreen Restaurant

39/A Cantonment Road



This restaurant has got a huge buffet with all my  favourite food. They are very health conscious so the take away box is made of recycled cardboard. They have fresh seaweed (yummy), a big selection of different green vegetables, wonderful stuffed noodles, prawns, and other delicacies. My favourite was their potato croquette. You have to eat here at least once if you are in George Town. As they don’t have a lot of food in the late afternoon, I often took away the food (see photos).

Vegan Restaurant

Jalan Cantonment

This restaurant is very near The Reclining Buddha. Though you have to ask for it because when I went there the women who were running the business only spoke Chinese and had no business card. Their food is very delicious. The buffet is pretty big and well balanced with different types of noodles, tofu, veggies, mock meat and fish. My favourite was their special stuffed eggplant and stuffed bitter gourd which reminded me of the Italian melanzane ripiene. They have a type of fried  fish cutlet which seems sword fish, really delicious. They also make their own (eggless) mayonnaise which I truly enjoyed but of course not the healthiest choice. Great for a treat. This is another must try restaurant.


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Vegan in Khon Kaen

Vegan in Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen is a nice student city in the North East of Thailand. It is surrounded by 3 lakes so that you can enjoy both the comfort of a city and the peace of a natural environment. The citizens are health conscious though the number of vegan restaurants is a little limited in relation to the number of inhabitants. There are numerous beautiful temples all over the city; some of them are really breathtakingly beautiful.

It is always good to learn a few words of Thai while in Thailand, especially if you are vegan


I eat vegan = Chan/Phom kin jee  

Pronunciation: the i in kin is pronounced as the i in pitbull. The e in jee is pronounced as the e in elephant and the reason why is double is because the sound is  rather long. If you are a woman use Chan, if you are a  man use Phom; they both mean I.

No spicy = mai pet                          

The a  in mai is pronounced as the a in marble in  standard British English :-). The i is pronounced as I’ve mentioned above. The word pet sounds a lot like when you are talking about your cat or dog.

I have managed to find 4 vegan restaurants in Khon Kaen. The first and most famous one, may be the easiest to find but the others are a bit trickier to discover.

Thawathong Restaurant

Rob Muang Road (corner with Ammart Road)


This self service restaurant is very big. You need to buy their own printed coupons at the cashier and then use them to pay for your food (for the restaurant only). They have noodle soup, mushroom soup (delicious but with a lot of black pepper), most Thai traditional dishes with coconut milk and very spicy, a big selection of freshly cooked veggies – by the way, all their vegetables are organic -. Some of their specialties include sushi (Thai style), Vietnamese and Chinese spring rolls and for the joy of raw vegetarian, there is a corner dedicated entirely to raw vegetable juice. Their mock fish is splendid. Hurry up though, most of the food is finished at 1:30 pm. They also have a minimarket with all sorts of vegan products (MAY CONTAIN HONEY) as well as other natural  products for personal care and the care of your home. They are open every day.

Palek Vegetarian

Cheetakon Road 29/6


I love this little restaurant. It’s very small and you have to pay close attention to spot it. Their specialty is chicken rice (of course, vegan). Even if you are not a fan of mock meat, you have to try their chicken rice anyway, because it’s absolutely delicious; crispy outside and soft and creamy inside. Ms Palek makes sausages, fish and other patties which are very tasty. They also make fantastic veggie dishes such as pumpkin, morning glory, bamboo, cauliflower, bitter gourd and other dishes. Despite being a small restaurant, Ms Palek, the chef and owner, changes her menu every day and you can find food even in the late afternoon. The quality of the food is very high and the taste absolutely delicious! The entire family (Palek, Beng and Sunnit) is very friendly and they love trying to speak English with foreigners. Open every day.

Lao Di Fang Restaurant

Anamai Road 108/85


This restaurant has nice wooden tables outside. Their food is good and nutritious, they have a variety of everything. Noodles, rice, vgetables, mock meat and fish and some special items such as “arancini” – well I don’t know their name in Thai -. Little rice balls with fresh tomato sauce lightly  fried. It is very inexpensive and the owners are really friendly and humble. Closed on Sunday.

The Veggie Restaurant

Soi Sri Chant 11/5 (on Srichan Road)

This restaurant is about 100 metres away from Lao Di Fang. It has air conditioning and a nice and modern dining area. They have a little selection of buffet food, however their menu a la carte is simply great. You can choose between Thai and Western dishes. The quality is very good and their menu a la carte has an English translation.

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Vegan in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Vegan in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Kota Bharu is a beautiful city bordering Southern Thailand. The city is sparkling clean and perfect for those who love walking and riding their bycicle.

Many vegan travellers know that Malaysia is another Vegan Heaven, especially on the West coast or in places where there are a lot of tourists. Kota Bharu is on the East coast and very few people know how beautiful it is until they get there.

The vegan restaurants here are not as widely spread as in other areas but if you manage to get a map of town, you will see that one vegetarian (=vegan Buddhist) restaurant is on the map!

If you are in Asia for the first time, you should know that very few people understand the word vegan. However, there are two types of known vegetarianism across Asia: Indian vegetarian (not vegan) and Chinese vegetarian (vegan). Only if you buy package food, be aware that it may contain honey. Eggs are normally not eaten in vegan restaurants, but I found a few places in Malaysia that sold them anyway. Also be aware of bread in Asia! It’s usually full of chemicals, milk powder and in some places they even put butter in it.

I have found two delicious vegan restaurants in Kota Bharu, one near the city centre and the other one in the seaside area; a nice 15 minute walk from the city centre: definitely worth it!

Muhibah Vegetarian Restaurant

1st Floor PT 157,

Jin. Pintu Pong

Tel. 609 748 3298


Mr Wong Lai Kiew

Tel. 012 938 3238


Right in the heart of town. On the ground floor they have a bakery but the bakery is not vegan. You have to climb the narrow and steep staircase to find a delicious self service vegan buffet. The buffet is very cheap and prices vary according to the number of items you put in your plate. They also organize parties with a tailor made vegan menu of your choice, but you have to arrange that in advance with them. The food is very good!

Vege Food Station

by Aunt Bak

3940-D Jalan Post Office Lama

Tel 016 – 442 7971


This restaurant is a bit smaller but incredibly delicious with a variety of soups, main dishes with lots of veggies and mock meat, fish and seafood. There are sweets available as well. The restaurant has got an air conditioner. Prices are more or less the same as Muhibah. Aunt Bak is a very friendly and smiling woman who is delighted to see foreigners in her restaurant. The food is very delicious.

How to apply and scale images in Blender Cycles (2.78)

How to apply and scale images in Blender Cycles (2.78)

How to apply and scale image textures to a mesh

This tutorial is for beginners, for intermediate learners click here: how to use the Node Editor

Cycles Render :

1. Split the view panel so that you can see both the 3d view and the UV map.

2. Assuming you have already marked the seem of your object, upload your texture image by clicking MATERIAL


3.  In the surface section, go to Color and click on the little circle on the far right (in the dark gray area).


4. Select Image Texture, at this point a new item with an image icon will appear. Click on open and upload your image file.

5. In the UV map view pane, you have the same image icon, click on it and select your image that by now should be listed there.


Your image should be shown as follow:


6. Make sure your mouse is over the 3d view pane. Select the object or the part of the object you want to apply the texture to, then make sure you are in Edit mode.

7. With the mouse still on the 3d view, press U to unwrap your object (transform your mesh from 3d to 2d) ; and select unwrap. You have different possibilities, the most common are:

  • UNWRAP – if you have marked the seam this is your best choice
  • SMART UNWRAP – the computer will automatically  unwrap the image for you. It’s not necessary to mark the seam. Best choice for simple objects.
  • PROJECT FROM VIEW – It will keep the shape of your object as seen in the 3d view. Very convenient when your texture should be placed in an exact matter (e.g.: a horse) or when you intend to texture paint afterwards.


8. Now, you can see your UV map appearing on the top of the image texture. To see immediately how the texture would look like in render mode, Go to the 3d view and change the method to display from EDIT to TEXTURE.


As you can see, the image is too big for the object so it is necessary to scale it.

9. Click on the Texture button located on the right of the Material button. Your image texture should already be there in the Node section.


10. Go down to the Mapping area, Point should be selected by default. Look at Location, Rotation and Scale. In our case, we are only interested in Scaling, however it is often necessary to rotate the image as well so in that case use Rotation.

11. Scale the image by playing with the X and Y axes. You can see the result of your manipulation immediately in 3d view. In my case, I set the image to X-7 and Y-7.


When you are satisfied with the quality of your image, remember to go back to Material, and click Assign while in Edit mode. Save your work and have fun!

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business

There is a famous island in Malaysia called Penang whose capital city is George Town. It’s a beautiful city where futuristic sky scrapers meet old traditional buildings in a mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay style.

However, like most cities, there is a lot of traffic and it’s good to know that you can take a local bus and travel around the island easily to stretch your view and see some areas that haven’t been contaminated by humans yet – or at least that’s what I thought.

One of these beautiful places is actually quite near George Town and is known as Penang National Park. My story is about something that I witnessed on Monkey beach; a beautiful beach on the ocean (see photo above) inside the National Park.

You may expect by the name of it, Monkey beach, to see monkeys everywhere but unfortunately that was not the case. Though it is forbidden to bring plastic containers in the park, there are small shops selling plastic bottles and other non organic food stuff which have turned the other side of the beach, the one which I didn’t photograph, in a sort of a   huge dump of plastic and other things.

Most people in Asia are not used to carry their trash with them and usually leave it everywhere. Plastic and other non organic material are a real issue in Asia and I really hope that the new Asean community will soon deal with it.

My story is about this beautiful little creature who is actually one of the inhabitants of the island and is supposed to be protected by the authority.

She’s not looking at the camera to preserve her identity

There are few monkeys showing up at Monkey beach nowadays. They are not welcome because some humans don’t like them. Even if the brochure I was given at the entrance of the park contained a list of expected behaviours to preserve both the environment and its inhabitants, a group of tourists disturbed the peace of us all by  going jet skiing…

You can imagine the consequences for the fragile marine environment as well as the poor creatures (including other humans like me) living on the land. How did those people get permission to do something like that in a national park?

In the meantime, a shy little monkey saw that the woman who sold me fresh coconut juice, had a bunch of bananas next to the counter. In a sequence of rapid movement, the little monkey came down to the counter, grabbed a banana and ran away.

Yes, she only grabbed ONE banana and the woman at the counter took her slingshot to scary her away. I mean, 1 banana!

We humans have taken most of the precious environment from our fellow earthlings and when they have a chance to claim back a little of what has always been theirs by birthright, what do they do?

They just take what they need!

I was really shocked at the sight of the monkey taking only one banana because that meant something very important:

Greed is human 

We have a lot to learn from animals. If we were courageous enough to admit what we really are, we would no longer consider ourselves superior to animals. What we have done and continue doing is a tragedy for all creatures of Earth including ourselves.

This monkey taught me a lesson that I will never forget:

In this life you must always take only what you need.