Kota Bharu is a beautiful city bordering Southern Thailand. The city is sparkling clean and perfect for those who love walking and riding their bycicle.

Many vegan travellers know that Malaysia is another Vegan Heaven, especially on the West coast or in places where there are a lot of tourists. Kota Bharu is on the East coast and very few people know how beautiful it is until they get there.

The vegan restaurants here are not as widely spread as in other areas but if you manage to get a map of town, you will see that one vegetarian (=vegan Buddhist) restaurant is on the map!

If you are in Asia for the first time, you should know that very few people understand the word vegan. However, there are two types of known vegetarianism across Asia: Indian vegetarian (not vegan) and Chinese vegetarian (vegan). Only if you buy package food, be aware that it may contain honey. Eggs are normally not eaten in vegan restaurants, but I found a few places in Malaysia that sold them anyway. Also be aware of bread in Asia! It’s usually full of chemicals, milk powder and in some places they even put butter in it.

I have found two delicious vegan restaurants in Kota Bharu, one near the city centre and the other one in the seaside area; a nice 15 minute walk from the city centre: definitely worth it!

Muhibah Vegetarian Restaurant

1st Floor PT 157,

Jin. Pintu Pong

Tel. 609 748 3298


Mr Wong Lai Kiew

Tel. 012 938 3238


Right in the heart of town. On the ground floor they have a bakery but the bakery is not vegan. You have to climb the narrow and steep staircase to find a delicious self service vegan buffet. The buffet is very cheap and prices vary according to the number of items you put in your plate. They also organize parties with a tailor made vegan menu of your choice, but you have to arrange that in advance with them. The food is very good!

Vege Food Station

by Aunt Bak

3940-D Jalan Post Office Lama

Tel 016 – 442 7971


This restaurant is a bit smaller but incredibly delicious with a variety of soups, main dishes with lots of veggies and mock meat, fish and seafood. There are sweets available as well. The restaurant has got an air conditioner. Prices are more or less the same as Muhibah. Aunt Bak is a very friendly and smiling woman who is delighted to see foreigners in her restaurant. The food is very delicious.


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