In the North East of Thailand, there is a nice small town called Surin. The people are friendly and the town is perfectly balanced between green areas and buildings. You can easily walk all around town on foot.

Plenty of vegetarian food is available in restaurants, shops and market. I will list the three main vegan restaurants located in the heart of town:

  • Wat Chin Vegetarian

Located next to a temple (Wat Chin), near the market and the TOT building (Thai Telecommunication Company).

This place is huge, they offer a self service buffet at usual meal times. In return for their service, you are only asked to put a donation in a box. The food is good. Be generous as the place offer food to all, including the less fortunate who cannot afford to buy a meal.

If you get there in the morning, you will see a lot of people preparing kanom (Thai traditional sweets). These sweets are really delicious and you can buy them freshly made. I tried a very delicious sweet which reminded me of Japanese mochi. It’s made with battered rice with a stuffing of crunched and creamy peanuts – yummy. Then salapao (Chinese bread)stuffed with pumpkin or other ingredients. There are other sweets as well, as they don’t speak a lot of English, my suggestion is to buy a sample of each one of them, as I did. The white Chinese bread was incredibly delicious, it reminded me of European style fresh white bread though it doesn’t have a crust. If you go there in the afternoon, you will see people cooking everywhere, preparing the huge buffet for a lot of diners. They are all very friendly.

  • Vegan Luck Muang

Luck Muang Road

This restaurant is very very popular. If you go there during usual meal times, you have to queue to get your food. There is a buffet with plenty of delicious vegetables which keeps getting updated with new dishes. They also have a variety of fried food, mock meat and tofu based product. It’s very delicious that’s why is so popular.

  • Vegan Tanasarn

Tanasarn Road

Located  near the previous restaurant. This place offers a selection of soups made with fresh vegetables and different types of mushrooms. They have coconut curry with aubergines (eggplants), a dish that you can find almost in every single vegetarian restaurant in Thailand,  as well as Tom Yam and other traditional dishes which may be a little too spicy for some. They also make mock fish and sausages and good lightly cooked mixed vegetables. The food is good and the people are friendly.

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