I have to admit that it’s taking me a long time to finally understand that judging others is wrong. Most of us are brought up with the dual concept of good and evil thus it is very difficult to discern the truth from the overwhelming amount of information we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Of course, everything becomes much easier when we use our feelings instead of our brains but it takes a very long time to get it because most  educational systems are structured in a hierarchical way so that you have to compete to get to the top.  When you compete you have to “eliminate” others and that’s more easily done if you can justify your actions by blaming them with labels such as “inferior” or “lazy”.

Modern society is based on a standard which is completely inhuman. You have to be very intelligent but not spontaneously intelligent, you are expected to store as much information as possible in your brain and memorize it (current educational system). Then you have to be as beautiful as the fashion models presented by the media, it doesn’t matter if they are cocaine addict or if they are starving themselves to death.  There are also other parameters as well but I don’t need to remind you, it’s enough for each one of us to have a look around to understand that we don’t like ourselves.

Modern society is cruel and competitive because we don’t accept ourselves the way we are.

We would love to be who we are not or perhaps we would like to reflect those really high standards set by someone else. Perhaps ,we are good but never good enough and the list goes on and on.

It’s time to stop thinking and start feeling.

We can only stop judging others when we can stop judging ourselves.

Life is a mirror, everything that you give to others will find its way back to you.

We walk through this life blindfolded by our convictions, only love and courage can set us free and make us able to see again  where we really are: we are in Heaven!


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