Of course, I’m vegan for ethical reasons but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate delicious food.

As a matter of fact, becoming vegan has turned a lot of people into improvised chefs. In my case, I have been enjoying cooking ever since I can remember but becoming vegan has given me the opportunity to explore new palatable frontiers. Naturally, not all my experiments have been a success but the failures are a natural step towards greater achievements.

There are different types of vegans on this planet. Some are concerned with the environment and the welfare of the Creatures who inhabit Mother Earth, others just want to have a healthier lifestyle and look fit. Whatever the reason, the fact is that eating is one of the pleasures of our existence and turning vegan should not deprive people of such divine delight.

There is also junk vegan food which has been labeled as such because though it lacks of animal products, it does contain a lot of other ingredients which are known to be harmful for our health. Fried vegan chicken for instance or gluten based meat products are definitely off the list if you are trying to eat healthily.

Today, I’ve cooked a fantastic brunch for myself: brown rice, sauteed bean sprouts, green and red capsicum with saute’ fresh tofu and  bitter gourd with garlic.

I try to use as little oil as possible and I also use good quality soy sauce to garnish my dishes.

I had a great time and even  Pippi was tempted to have a bite of such delicious vegan food!

This is Pippi:


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One thought on “Vegan because taste matters!

  1. Gorgeous cat 😊 People always think vegan meals are brown and boring and contain lentils! In fact, you get to exercise your creative gene just as much as any meat-eater and with all the colourful fruit and veggies at our disposal, our plates more often resemble rainbows than mud! 🌈

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