Is it really that difficult to be a gay woman?

Lately I’ve been feeling like watching a good, romantic gay story and I’ve come across a lot of highly offensive, violent and S&Mish kind of movies. Why does it have to be so hard to make a nice love story between two women?

There is always a killer or an abusive partner/husband, now don’t get me wrong, there are some incredibly inspiring movies out there, however, the vast majority of movies with lesbian characters in them have some sort of a twisted plot and some are just soft porn in disguise – no story just crude sex.

Who are they targeting with such movies? Those movies are definitely NOT inspiring for women but rather disturbing. Of course, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of repressed women who have never had the courage to deal with their own homosexual impulses and maybe are still living a life of lies at home with their husband and kids but hey, we live in an era where in most Western countries same sex  love is no longer an issue.

I’m pretty sure, one day we won’t even need to call ourselves “names” because gender-based discrimination (including transgender and everything in between), will no longer exist.

Some of you at this stage might have asked themselves – Hey, why is she using the word homosexual for women as well? -. Well, pretty simple actually, the word homosexual means same sex (homo = same + sexual = sex). It’s really funny. if you think about it, how such a clear and non judgemental word has been misused, especially in the last few years.  There are many adjectives out there to describe a person’s sexual orientation but for female homosexuality there has been an exception.

Think about gay, straight, transgender and bisexual for example, those adjectives can be used for anyone independently from their gender but when you say lesbian then it has to be a woman. Well, I don’t like that, I’d rather call people “people” without having to discuss their sexual orientation or the gender they were born with.

It’s 2017, the world is changing, the human race is very likely to become legend unless they adjust their lifestyle and their approach to biodiversity.

It’s time to forget hatred and start a new life of love and respect for ALL. Let’s hold hands together and remember why we are here. Life is a miracle and love is a gift from Heaven, don’t let anyone bring you down for what you are because, as Lady Gaga once put it – God makes no mistakes – !

Here’s a list of what I believe to be truly inspiring gay movies for women:

Liberty’s Secret (USA, 2016)

A brilliant musical and comedy which deals with very sensitive issues. Excellent performance: bravo!

Elena Undone (USA, 2010)

A beautifully presented love story about two souls being magnetically attracted to each other. Spirituality and Love.

Blue is the Warmest Colour (France, 2013)

A journey of self discovery for a young girl who doesn’t really know what love and sex are about. Very artistic and realistic, brilliantly developed. The actors had to improvise while filming for most of the scenes. Outstanding performance by the two leading characters.

I can’t Think Straight (UK, 2008)

A very interesting and funny movie which deals with multi-cultural reality, religion and traditional beliefs in modern society.

The Perfume of Memory (Brazil, Oswaldo Montenegro’s film)

This movie can be a little disturbing emotionally because it forces people to face their deepest fears and challenge their beliefs. A masterpiece!

The Greatest Love (Thailand)

Two girls fall in love with each other and now it’s time to tell the family. Interesting approach to family values and homosexual love.

Yes or No (Thailand)

Cute movie about teenage first love. Female homosexuality is still considered a taboo in Thailand and this movie lightens up the subject by presenting highly likable characters with typical Thai sense of humor.

The above are just a few of the movies worth watching if you are interested in female homosexual relationships. There are other good ones as well but unfortunately, I don’t remember the title.

I have just listed some Thai movies here but let’s say that the biggest surprise in terms of gay movies comes from non Western countries. India, Thailand, China and some countries in South America are making excellent TV series. The refreshing point is that they are creating high quality films with good acting and realistic cultural environment dealing with fundamental issues such as family and traditional values.  An outstanding example comes from an Indian independent group called Just Like That (JLT) with their web miniseries called The Other available on You Tube definitely a must watch!

I just can’t wait to watch more of those and hopefully the ugly b-rated movies whose sole purpose is to arouse the interest of a male audience will  eventually disappear for good!

Hasta la vista amigos!



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