Time to ascend, get ready!

 I see it everywhere, deforesting and building, deforesting and building. One day those people will kill themselves because they are investing all their time and energy in something which is not supposed to last.  I wish I could help them but they don’t want to hear anything except how to make more money. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to save others. They are just not ready, let them be!

Save Yourself

Every religion points out that greed and selfishness are counterproductive. However, religions are packed with metaphors and controversial messages  so in the end, who can you trust?

Trust Yourself

Each one of us is unique and has a particular purpose in this sphere of existence thus, the attempt to standardize humanity has only contributed to create more mental illnesses than ever. For every discomfort there is a name and that’s our way of dealing with the unknown. It is too scary to unravel the truth about ourselves but it’s time to do it.

Be Brave

In this new era of ascension, you will be asked to get rid of the things you no longer need. That means not just your material possessions but your unhealthy habits as well. Drinking, smoking, taking drugs and eating junk are the first habits we must get rid of to prepare ourselves for a healthier and happier life. People will make fun of you or think that you have gone completely insane: ignore them.

Don’t Worry About  What Other People Think

The only way to awaken your intuition and will power is to reset yourself completely. Forget who you are or better, who you think you are and start from zero just like a child would. Have no expectations, open your heart and be good and generous to all, including yourself.

Be Creative

Start doing the things which give you joy and abandon those which drain your energy. Don’t do anything against your will, no matter what. If you enjoy playing football then play football without feeling guilty. Draw, paint, write, make a vegetable garden, ride your bicycle, go for a walk, play with your pets… Do whatever gives you joy. Become joy itself.

Be Aware

Notice while you change  how your environment changes with you. Your environment is a reflection of yourself. Don’t have empty desires, just act upon your intuition immediately without postponing. If you think that you’d like to paint a fence then do it don’t just think about it. No thought is coincidental. If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts just breathe, relax and try to understand what’s giving you pain.

The Development of Collective Consciousness

The more you attune with yourself and the more you can attune with others. You may think about music for a while and then meet a group of musician who will become your new friends. Trust your intuition and your intuition will trust you. Sometimes you may feel other’s people thoughts and that’s ok: it’s all part of the ascending process.

Be Ready to Be Born Again

Nothing religious about it. As your old self dies – this can be a very painful process for some as it may involve  relationship break ups, losing a job, being diagnosed with a terminally ill condition or becoming homeless -. It won’t last long but it’s a cathartic experience to understand who we really are and awake us from our illusionary world. No matter what your challenge is, deal with it. Don’t let depression or negativity take over because everything is going to be ok.

Failure Doesn’t Exist

It’s not easy to accomplish whatever it is that we want to accomplish so never let a disappointment ruin your life. Everything happens for a reason. Everything is a lesson and an opportunity for further growth.

Be Faithful

Don’t Get Angry Anymore

Detach yourself from the mass media and the news that normally portrait only disasters and negativity. That’s no longer your reality. Become the happiness you want to see and share it with others.

There Are no Others

This is difficult to grasp but each one of us is here to help others. People who you may think are mistreating you are just giving you an extra push to help you move forward. Don’t hate them and try to see the bigger picture. We are all connected!

Stay Focused

Whether you are peeling a tomato or writing your PhD thesis, put your attention on what you are doing and do not allow your thoughts to wonder. Every action is important. Do everything mindfully. Multitasking is a very destructive and dangerous activity.

Everything is a Miracle

See the beauty in flowers, dogs, cats, your spouse, your children, the sky, the colors, the delicious food. Never take anything for granted and be grateful that you have the extraordinary opportunity to experience all this: right here, right in front of your eyes.

Bless You All!


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