Take your health in your own hands


Some people believe that cooking is a waste of time or an activity for bored homemakers. Wrong! Cooking is an act of self nourishing and caring which will save  your life. Why? Because, first of all you get to choose the ingredients you want to cook and if you love yourself enough, you’ll get the most natural, fresh and nutritious food available. Some people may argue that such food is expensive but it shouldn’t be. Locally grown vegetables, fruit and grains free of pesticides, fertilizers and other nasty chemicals should actually cost less, not more, exactly because they are grown without adding any additional cost. Go straight to those who grow food and if you can’t find any, grow your own. Your only investment should be a blender and a juicer if you really want to switch to a very healthy and nutritious diet. Drinking freshly made vegetable and fruit juices give your body the necessary vitamins and minerals for you to be healthy again.


The high percentage of obese people in a country is a very strong sign that there is something terribly wrong with our eating habits. Yes, we could just protest in the street and ask to shut down all the fast food chains which claim to sell food while in actual fact are only selling junk. Some people may say – yes but we love junk! Sure and you are responsible for what you put inside your body. However, we are exposed to junk food from a very young age and we get used to it. To be completely honest: we get addicted to it. Sugar and chemicals perfectly blended to ensure that our appetite for that particular item would never cease. That’s how you become a junk food junkie without even knowing it.


Simply by cooking. You can shout and scream that you want healthier food and blame the authority for that but in the end, you are solely responsible for what ends up in your stomach. Yes, we have created a culture of poison and junk but we are still in time to change. It’s never too late to change lifestyle. Just as when you quit smoking, drinking, medications or drugs, giving up junk food will cause your body to experience withdrawal symptoms and that’s ok because it’s part of the healing process. Once your body starts detoxifying and eliminating all the nasty substances which have been accumulating in our bodies for years, you will feel sick, exhausted, you may get pimples or skin rashes but that’s no going to last long before you start getting your energy and self esteem back.


Some people are convinced that eating well means eating a salad and a fruit. Wrong! There are billions of recipes available online about plant based nutrition. Today for instance, I’m cooking a fresh sauce made with potatoes, capsicums, garlic, chili, tomatoes, mushrooms and coriander to put on my plate of spaghetti. Yep, I can eat pasta. Once you start eating a healthy and nutritious diet you can also afford to have foods which are frowned upon by strict dieticians unless, of course, you have a particular disease (e.g.: diabetes) which will not allow you to have that particular item. Believe me, when you start cooking everything tastes delicious and your self esteem will boost up!

Here’s the final result of my spaghetti dish:


I also added a bit of Japanese naturally brewed soy sauce, crashed peanuts and extra virgin olive oil. Yummy!

So what are you doing still here? Go get yourself some nice pots and start cooking right now!


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