A game review from a woman’s point of view: 4.50/5





Despite the title, this is not a sequel of the previous game though it follows the same logic in terms of exploration. The story is quite twisted and interesting but never really reaches momentum. The end finishes abruptly without any extra scenes or explanation.


Beautifully illustrated 2d scenes cleverly arranged. The illustrations are still but the movement of the camera gives the impression of animation. The result is very effective.


The actors here did a fantastic job.

MUSIC: 5/5

There are a few themes, some of them are recurrent but never boring. Special themes have also been used cleverly in fundamental scenes to create suspense.

SFX (Sound Effects): 5/5

There are tons of sfx in this game and this is one of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed it so much.


Incredibly good. Excellent artistic work.


This is one of the strongest point of the game. There are not so many puzzles in this game but the few which are there are really good and some quite unique. It took me a long time to finish a few challenging puzzles but if you don’t get impatient, you can manage to solve them. Not the usual and boring minigames. Well done!


Ok, the scenes were spectacular but often the objects were either too small or too well hidden to be spotted. They put way too many ho scenes in this game, at times I got bored, it would have been better having just half of them.


I often found sparkling areas with no comments. What I mean is that you know there is an action available in that area but there are no clues about what you are supposed to do. Most of the time the actions are sort of easy to guess but not having any comments from the main character when she finds new active areas was a bit of a turn off for me. There is no map but you actually don’t need one because of the way the game is structured.

Learn more about the criteria used for the review here:

What Makes a HOPA game great

If you want to download this game for free, check the following links:

HOPA Download Links


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