A game review from a woman’s point of view: 4.50/5





This story is quite intriguing as you have to discover what has happened to a renown scientist who has suddenly disappeared. It gets more and more complex as you continue playing, overall a good story.


Perfectly executed and appropriately inserted though I would have loved having some more cutscenes during game play.


Perfectly acted. A few actors were involved in the job and they all did an excellent job!

MUSIC: 3/5

This is something which actually pissed me off… Such a great game, why did you use just one theme for the entire game – hidden object scenes included? Ok, the music was fine at first but after a while it got on my nerves. This is a long game, there should have been more themes in it.

SFX (Sound Effects): 5/5

Very good. Every single detail has been enriched with appropriate sounds.


Stunning! The sense of space in the game is incredible. You have the impression of being outdoor in huge places while in reality you are still in front of the screen. Excellent art!


Very good mini games. Simple to understand, a bit challenging but never too difficult.


This is the part of the game I don’t really like but that’s my personal view. In terms of quality, well this was a very traditional ho with a list of objects to be found in a scene with some occasional interactive areas. To me a bit boring because there were too many ho scenes in the game for my taste and though, beautifully illustrated, the number of items to be found was somehow overwhelming.


This is one of those games which needed a map and didn’t have one. Don’t get me wrong, most items are very near the places where you need to use them but at times, you get a lot of items at once and there are too many scenes available so it becomes difficult to remember where those items where needed.

Learn more about the criteria used for the review here:

What Makes a HOPA game great

If you want to download this game for free, check the following links:

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