A game review from a woman’s point of view: 4/5





Incredibly intriguing story surrounded by an aura of mystery. This is a horror with a couple of scenes which are literally covered in blood, not for the faint of heart…


The opening scene will leave you with your mouth wide open because of its realism. There are some stunning details and incredible care in those cutscenes, pity they did not use enough of them during game play.


As I said above, the cutscenes are great but they didn’t use any voice overs. It’s such a pity because it would have helped the game a lot, especially as there are a lot of messages and letters here and there. A couple of actors would have given the game a completely different feel.

MUSIC: 5/5

The music is very good and it changes quite often so that you never get bored during game play.

SFX (Sound Effects): 3/5

This is the reason why this game does not get 5 stars! There are no sounds for locked doors, drawers opening and closing, some machine mechanisms and so on. You have some sounds but not all of them so if you top it up with the fact that they didn’t use any voice overs then you know why the result has largely contributed to lower the quality of this game. There was also not appropriate sound in a clue scene towards the end of the game and that really pissed me off.


The art in this game is impeccable from start to finish. The scenes are so realistic to give you the chills in certain scenes. Excellent artists at work here!


Cute and not too challenging though I would have loved a few more of those in the game and less hidden object scenes.


I personally believe that ho are boring, however you have to bare their presence if you want to play a good adventure game such as this one. There are some interactive scenes where you have to connect two objects together and it took me ages sometimes to find the second object… In my view, they put way too many ho scenes in this game, half of them would have been sufficient.


The biggest problem here was the lack of a map which is sort of necessary for this game. You don’t have to do a lot of running around but there are plenty of scenes available at once and it’s hard to remember where  to use a particular item. The case on the top of the menu button where you are supposed to place items was also a bit of a mystery to me. Why did they bother with such nonsense? Anyway, the game is very very good and definitely worth playing.

Learn more about the criteria used for the review here:

What Makes a HOPA game great

If you want to download this game for free, check the following links:

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