A game review from a woman’s point of view: 5/5




This is one of the best stories I’ve ever played. There is a bit of everything: adventure, fantasy, sci-fi and a touch of RPG style. The only problem is that once you start playing is very difficult to stop. Shaman Games is particularly renown for making fantastic games! An applause to the entire team!


The cutscenes in this game are particularly well executed as a lot of 3d animation has been used. They have also used several cutscenes during game play to accompany the player through the really intriguing story. Once more, an applause to the entire team!


There are different characters in the game and each one of them has a very distinct voice and tone. The actors did an excellent job and some of the parts required good acting skills as the voices had to be particularly low or rough. Well done!

MUSIC: 5/5

The music is very good because several themes have been used for the game and each one has been dedicated to a particular chapter. At the beginning though, I noticed that one of the theme was a bit too similar to the one used in Dreamscapes – The Sandman, another excellent game, I thought that was a bit cheap for such a magnificent game…

SFX (Sound Effects): 5/5

As you can expect, the SFX used are appropriate for each scene and help a lot to create the fantastic atmosphere surrounding the game.


There are beautifully illustrated scenes and characters in both 2d and 3d with spectacular attention to detail.  Lots of original scenarios to explore both indoor and outdoor. Great job!


FANTASTIC JOB! The minigames are one of the strongest point in this game as they are all very original, a little challenging but not too difficult. You can see how much care has been put to develop such clever and beautifully illustrated puzzle games. Outstanding job!


NONE. Why am I giving 5 stars  to this section if there aren’t any ho in the game? That’s the point! Because there aren’t ANY ho in the game. HURRAH! Finally an adventure game that does not require you to put up with any time filling BS.


This game is an adventure game and if you don’t know what to do next you get stuck – and you will in this game. The hint button is completely useless because it’s too generic and whenever I used it I got “There is nothing to do here” which means that if you have exhausted all possibilities, it will not guide you towards the right choice. In addition, there is no map so you have no clue where there are active areas available. Why will you get stuck? Because nothing is obvious in this game – which is great – however there are some active spots which are hard to detect unless you hover your mouse over every single corner of the screen. There is also a particular scene where you have to click twice to get a result… Anyway, I would play this game a million times because it’s really worth it though I think that an interactive map would have helped a lot. Thank you Shaman Games for, once more, making such a brilliant game.

Learn more about the criteria used for the review here:

What Makes a HOPA game great

If you want to download this game for free, check the following links:

HOPA Download Links


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