How to Boot your Lenovo Ideapad 100s 11IBY from a USB UEFI Flashdrive

How to Boot your Lenovo Ideapad 100s 11IBY from a USB UEFI Flashdrive

Is your Lenovo Ideapad 100s stack and you cannot reboot it from bios? Here are the instructions on how to boot your Lenovo Ideapad 100s 11IBY from a flashdrive.

During an unwanted Windows Update (that option was disabled in the services), I decided to shut down my computer because every time I let Windows do whatever they please they mess up my work. But this time, the problem was much more serious, they rendered my machine useless.

I tried several times to restore the system (luckily I always back up my files on an external drive) by doing a clean restore but I couldn’t get through to it because of an error message saying that the action could not be completed because of an error. Yes the error was mine: I’m never going to buy a Windows Operating system again in my entire life.

After having lost a lot of time trying to fix it, I took it to a technician who did his best but he told me that the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is soldered to the motherboard thus it was impossible to remove it.  I had to order another laptop telling the guy I wanted Linux Mint on it; Windows 10 may be appropriate for smartphones but not laptops, in addition their help service is a joke just like the Lenovo Global Support.



  1. Another laptop or PC with Windows system (I asked a neighbor to help me)
  2. A 8 GB USB flash drive (Microsoft suggests at least 5)
  3. An internet connection.
  4. An external keyboard (I’ll explain later why)
  5. A mouse (same as above)


  1. Go to this Microsoft address, select Windows 10 (32 bit)
  2. Click on Create Windows 10 Installation Media
  3. Download Media Creation Tool
  4. Follow the instruction to create a UEFI USB (my neighbor was concerned that by opening this program on his laptop, it was going to mess up his system but don’t worry; this is only to create the bootable UEFI USB).
  5. Once done, Insert the USB flashdrive in the USB socket in your Lenovo Ideapad and start Windows from the bios (it’s the little button next to the battery indicator led above your keyboard).
  6. Choose Boot Menu, your UEFI flash drive will be there, select it and relax because it will take a while for it to load so don’t worry if the screen goes black for a while…)

Follow the usual directions for the installation, input your name, location, email, etcetera.


There is a problem with a few of the drivers so your keyboard and mouse won’t work. Don’t panic! Connect the external keyboard (I bought mine for 7 USD) and the mouse. The reason why you need a mouse is that you need to thick a box and I just couldn’t do it with the keyboard only!!!

To fix your drivers, open the device manager and you will see that the problematic drivers have an exclamation mark right next to them. Click on each of them with the right mouse and select UPDATE DRIVER (you need an internet connection). When all the drivers are done, you are ready to go but… Yes, there is another but…

The machine is so slow I can play the violin before it loads. Every single process takes ages to work and basically, they don’t want you to turn off their apps to use your own so next I’m going to try to install Linux Mint on the machine which is open source and it has a program called Wine which allows you to run all windows programs.

Stay tuned if you want more info on how to install Linux on this type of machine because I haven’t done it yet; I just did the clear install yesterday and I’m already beyond fed up.

Windows 10 is like Skynet taking over humanity’s will and we ain’t gonna let ’em do it!

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3 Best Things to do in Siem Reap for FREE!

3 Best Things to do in Siem Reap for FREE!

Many people believe that you need money to entertain yourself: wrong! There are so many enjoyable activities that you can do for free that I decided to make a video to show what I believe to be the best things to do with no money.

Words cannot describe the beauty in which I get entangled in every single time I get out of my home here in Siem Reap, Cambodia so I invite you to watch this short video and see for yourself!


You don’t need money honey to be happy!



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Female Solo Vegan Nomad Minimalist living in Cambodia

Female Solo Vegan Nomad Minimalist living in Cambodia

What’s life like once you have left everything behind? Watch the video series Welcome to New Earth where a woman shares her feelings and insights about living as a vegan nomad minimalist in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This is the first video of  a long series: subscribe for more!

My life as a vegan nomad!


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Adjusting to the New Earth

Adjusting to the New Earth

Everything is a Miracle

Open Your Heart and Listen to its Song.

Each one of us was born for a reason and though, in this illusionary society, we may have created hierarchy to function as a civilization, there is no such thing in the Spiritual Realm. People who walk around telling others they are enlightened and thus wanting to be worshiped as “gods” are too blinded by their own ego to be considered “enlightened”.

Enlightening is just a process equivalent to that of a seed. First you are underground and have to struggle to survive to reach the light. Breaking the dirt to finally free yourself from darkness and sprouting into a beautiful green plant, is also another stage of the process. Evolution is infinite just like our existence. A plant would never ask other seeds to be worshiped because it managed to free itself before other seeds. However, it is there, for others to see…

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How to Make Your Own Soy Milk

How to Make Your Own Soy Milk

Making soy milk is easy, cheap and a lot of fun. The reasons why i decided to make it myself are:

  1.  I want to be sure about the ingredients
  2.  Soy milk must be consumed within 3 days after you have made it so I don’t trust commercial soy drinks with a long expiration date.
  3. I can make it as creamy as I wish!



1 Blender

1 Sterile Cotton Cloth or a Tea Straine (you can cut a piece of a white cotton t-shirt and boil it in water to make sure it’s clean . Alternatively, you can use a tea strainer with a very fine mesh to make sure that the soy paste doesn’t go through it).

1 Clean glass bottle (1 liter) or glass jars which can contain up to a liter of liquid.

1 Funnel (this is optional but it makes the job much easier)

200 gr Soy beans (if you can find them organic great otherwise just make sure they are not GMO)

1 Big pot (which can contain up to 5 liters of water)

2 Clean bowls (these are just to simplify the workflow because it gets pretty messy without them.

3 Ladle



  1.  Put 200 grams of soy beans in a bowl and cover them with water. Let them soak overnight.
  2. In the morning, rinse the beans and strain them.
  3. Gradually, put the beans in the blender and add a little water so that the blender doesn’t get stuck. I use a very cheap blender so I have to split the beans in two parts. Let the blender go for a while so that you can obtain a very smooth paste but not too liquid; the consistency has to be very creamy.
  4. Put 2 liters of water in a big pot and bring it to a boil.
  5. When the water is boiling, pour the creamy soy paste inside the pot, the heat must be very low.
  6. Stir it a few times and let it cook for about ten minutes. Make sure it doesn’t boil.
  7. Turn off the stove and place the funnel inside the bottle, then put the tea strainer on top of it or, if you are using a cloth, the cloth.
  8. Give it one more stir than deep the ladle in the liquid soy and strain it. If you are using a cloth, you have to close the cloth and squeeze it until you get all the juice out. If you are using a strainer, only put a little bit at a time because it gets blocked rather quickly.
  9. Place the dry soy paste in a bowl and if you are using a strainer, rinse the strainer in another bowl filled with water which you have to keep near you. If you are using a cloth, just dispose of the dry soy paste but you don’t need to rinse the cloth every time.
  10. Repeat this process until the pot is completely empty.
  11. Let the soy milk cool off before placing a cap or lid on  the bottle/jars.
  12. Once cooled, place the cap/lid on the top of your container and place them in the fridge. the milk will last for 3 days.

What’s the difference between using a cloth and a strainer?

With a cloth, your milk will be completely clear with no bottom residues but unfortunately with a tea strainer you are bound to get residues.

What am I going to do with the dry soy?

You can make fresh cottage cheese by adding herbs and spices or you can use it together with other ingredients to make patties or polpette.

Have a question or a suggestion to make? Please write in the comment section below.

Stay Healthy and stay Happy: life is short, don’t waste it!

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Easy Vegan Potato Croquettes

Easy Vegan Potato Croquettes

This is a very popular dish in Europe. As I was born and raised in Italy, my mother used to make potato croquettes on Sundays as a treat and I remember sneaking into the kitchen every now and then to shove a few croquettes into my mouth without being caught by her who believed that eating something before a proper meal would have spoiled your appetite as well as your meal. Today, I must confess that my mother is right so it’s really challenging for me not to eat the croquettes right after I have cooked them.

INGREDIENTS (for 2 people):

4 Medium size potatoes (young potatoes are the best)

1 Cup of organic whole wheat flour (or use the best wheat flour you can get)

1/2 Cup of water

1/2 Tablespoon of sea salt

1-2 Tablespoon of Nutritional Yeast (this is optional so if you don’t have that’s fine)

1/3 Cup of vegetable cooking oil (I used soy but you can use whatever as long as it doesn’t have any particular taste or smell because it will spoil the potatoes)

Fresh coriander or parsley .


  • Wash the potatoes, cut them in big and similar size chunks.
  • Put the potatoes into a big pot, covered them with water and let them cook until you can easily pierce them with a fork. A little mushy it’s ok but not too mushy to preserve some chunkiness.
  • Strain the potatoes and let them cool down in a big bowl.
  • Put the wheat flour in a bowl and mix it with the water and half tablespoon of salt. Use a fork for a better result. The consistency should be rather creamy but not watery. If necessary add more wheat flour.
  • Chop the coriander/parsley
  • When the potatoes are cool enough, start mashing them down with a fork until you get a rather homogeneous paste. Leave some bits and pieces of whole potatoes here and there to make the consistency more interesting.
  • Add 1 or 2 tablespoon of nutritional yeast and the rest of the salt. Mix it with the fork.
  • Give the creamy wheat flour another quick stir and then pour it into the big bowl where the potatoes are. Finally, add the chopped coriander/parsley.
  • At this stage, start mixing with the fork first then continue with your hands.
  • My mother used to make perfectly shaped croquettes but I prefer irregularly shaped croquettes.
  • Put a large non stick frying pan on low heat and put the oil in it.
  • Start making small croquettes shaped like in the photo above and place them in a clean and dry plate.
  • When the oil is hot enough, gently put the croquettes in the pan one by one.
  • After a few minutes, check if the color of the bottom of the croquettes has turned orange; if it has, flip them over and cook the other side. They are ready when the color has become rather orange. Don’t overcook them, keep your eyes on the croquettes and turn off your smart phone.
  • If you prefer, once cooked, you can place the croquettes on some kitchen paper to absorb the oil though they are not very oily.


Let the croquettes cool down before eating them to fully enjoy their rich and yummy flavor.

Bon appetit!

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Beyond: Star Descendant

Beyond: Star Descendant

A game review from a woman’s point of view (5+/5).




What I love the most about Mad Head Games is their capacity to keep a story intriguing until the very end. This is a sci-fi mystery thriller which I truly enjoyed because you never know what’s going to happen next.


As usual, the artwork in this game is truly outstanding. The opening scene was good but the in-game cutscenes are even better. Prepare yourself to be amused with a wild ride…


Here too I must say that Mad Head Games work with a team of professionals who do a great job in impersonating the characters.

MUSIC (5+/5):

I went to read the credits because the music is so carefully developed for each scene that only an expert musician is able to do that. Milos Nikolic is his name. As I love music, I couldn’t possibly ignore the fact that each piece in this game is a work of art. Having real musicians creating music specifically for a game is something that other developers should really start doing.

SFX (Sound Effects) (5/5):

Appropriate for each single item in the scene and for the environmental effects.


I was quite impressed by the originality of the work in this game. There are many games with spectacular art nowadays, however, it is really difficult to find something as original and refreshing as in this game.

MINI GAMES (5++/5):

This game is packed with absolutely original minigames. They are not too challenging, just a lot of fun. This is definitely a very strong point for this game.


Very few traditional ho scenes in this game so this is very refreshing because I usually get bored when there are too many traditional ho in a game. The other ho scenes are very interactive and a lot of fun. Good job!


I chose to have the tutorial only for “unusual” game play.  I particularly enjoy having the possibility to select the level of difficulty and whether I want sparkling areas, hints available or the chance to skip a mini game (which is a crime so never – ever – skip a mini game unless you are desperate)! Everything is user friendly and intuitive so you have your tasks and your map – which you don’t really need because there are very few areas available for each chapter of the game -. Just one note about the journal – why did they use such cheap fonts with no artistic touch for the journal? It looks ugly compared to the rest of the game!-.

In any case, Mad Head Games got me hooked, I’ve already bought another couples of game which I had no planned buying. Life as a vegan nomad minimalist is really hard but with the little budget I have, I managed to squeezed in a few games because they are really worth every penny!

Stay playful and joyful dear players because the biggest game has yet to start…

Learn more about the criteria used for the review here:

What Makes a HOPA game great

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