The Harmony of a balanced life

The Harmony of a balanced life


A brave new world starts from you; no one else but you. Are you ready for the challenge?

The more you document yourself about nutrition and the more you discover that the secret of real health lays in your own hands. While in Thailand, I met a doctor who happens to be a Buddhist monk as well, known as Doctor MorKeaw (Green). My Thai friends convinced me to attend one of his numerous workshops and though it was entirely in the Thai language, I could grasp some of its meaning because there were numerous exercises and slides to accompany his presentation. In addition, at the end of the workshop, one of his assistants came to me to translate what were considered the salient points of the workshop. Basically, he was telling people to become their own doctor by taking responsibility about their lifestyle.

Doctor Morkeaw is an incredibly humble man who lives a very humble life in accordance to Dhamma (Dharma) teachings, he has authored numerous books and videos on Buddhist Traditional medicine. Some of the exercises can be found in yoga and other disciplines and include practices to detoxify your body. Dr Morkeaw is a strong supporter of a vegan diet as nutrition plays a fundamental role in our life and health.


I have always been interested in holistic practices and traditional medicine so, quite apart from studying a lot of books written by doctors and researchers in this field, I also had the opportunity to test traditional medicine on my own self. In particular, Chinese Traditional Medicine – which I find highly effective, Tibetan Medicine – also very effective and Ayurvedic Medicine – which in my case was not as effective as the previous ones though largely based on the same principles.

However, after having experienced the extraordinary efficacy of the above mentioned traditional medicine methods, I came to the conclusion that I was the only person to be held solely responsible for my own health. The body is not a car that you take to the mechanic when it breaks down though we behave as if it were. Everything you do has a consequence: drinking, smoking, and other deleterious behaviors cannot bring different results. The chemicals in our food, water and air also take a toll on our body so it is up to us to change lifestyle to preserve the environment and ensure a future for us as well as future generations.

Nowadays, I don’t even take holistic medicines anymore and I have started to follow the natural way or what some people call it, natural hygiene. So far so good but one thing is certain, the more you get in touch with your body and its needs and the more you get to trust yourself deeper and deeper. I belong to a generation of people who was born before the digital age so when we were young, we were led to believe that only the “elite” held the key to access knowledge. Thank Goddess that has changed and if you don’t believe me just google it!

 Dr Morkeaw’s blogpot (English and Thai)