I’m healing myself from eye floaters without any medication or particular treatment. The following is my personal story which I decided to share with people who got as desperate as I was for the lack of proper treatment for eye floaters. We must share what we know if we want to evolve as a species.

This is the chronological story of the events as they happened


Italy, Monza

I underwent surgery in both eyes for retinal detachment; one month apart from each other. The surgery had to be done the “traditional way” because no laser could get to it (the retina is located at the back of the eye). So basically my retinas got wrapped up and stitched all around to make sure they wouldn’t detach again.

March 2015:

Thailand, Bangkok

A few eye floaters appeared in my left eye. I was in Bangkok in Thailand where there are some of the best hospitals in the world but I decided to wait convinced that the floaters would go away just as they came. The right eye is fine. I’m still drinking coffee and I have started smoking cigarettes again… (I had quit 3 years earlier).

April 2015:

Nepal, Pokhara

My eye floaters  are getting worse though they are still in the left eye only. I go to the hospital to check if my retinas are fine. After a thorough check up, a very kind doctor tells me that I have a degenerative condition of the vitreous and that my retina is fine. When I heard that my retina was fine I was so relieved that I wanted to kiss her. She explained to me that there was no known treatment for the degenerative condition of the vitreous which causes eye floaters and I just had to get used to them.

While in Nepal, I and many other people, got terrible diarrhea and nausea. It is the day of the first big earthquake that I decide to go to the Tibetan clinic in Pokhara. I’m given a lot of pills and I’m told to go back for a check up in a few weeks. The earthquake happens just as I am on my way to the clinic on a taxi. Luckily no damage in Pokhara!

July 2015

India, McLeod Ganj

I meet some American women who tell me that Ayurvedic medicine is great and many people are here to get treated. My main problem is not the floaters but the stomach which is incredibly bloated and I have constant diarrhea.

Unfortunately, the Ayurvedic medicine did not prove effective and I still have diarrhea. I feel very weak and I know I have to do something fast. I’m loosing too much weight and too quickly. I’m starting to get a bit worried; I’m afraid I’ve got something terrible.

There is a big Tibetan clinic near my guest house. Twice I found myself in front of it by chance as I was wondering around. This time I was determined to see a doctor. They are supposed to be the best. I meet a very kind and polite doctor that immediately understands my concerns and with an almost fatherly voice explains to me that my stomach condition and my eye floaters are connected. He tells me that I have been suffering from a chronic condition for a very long time and I never really took care of it. The floaters are just a symptom signalling to the body that there is something wrong with our kidneys and liver. I’m given lots of pills and the doctor recommends to eat plain food and not to worry.

November 2015

George Town, Malaysia

My stomach seems much better with the Tibetan pills. There are many Chinese Traditional doctors in George Town so I decide to visit one who inspires me, just for a check up. As soon as he sees me, after having checked my tongue and pulse, he tells me that I have to do a 20 day fast immediately or I am going to die. I never thought about fasting, though I knew people were doing it all over Asia. How could I possibly convince myself to fast? I love food so much. This doctor doesn’t want any money from me!

After a couple of days, I’m walking near my hotel when suddenly I see something like a black liquid pouring down the top of my right eye. I cannot see properly, my heart starts pounding at the speed of light, I’m very afraid, I think I’m going to faint in the street. I fear my retina has detached. Thanks to meditation, I manage to keep conscious and get back to my room. Luckily, I was only less than 100 meters away from my hotel. Once in my room I start crying desperately because I don’t know what to do. Shall I call an ambulance? What if they operate on me again? I could loose my eyesight. Shall I go back to Europe? While I am sobbing like a baby I hear the Divine Voice telling me that I only have to fast and drink plenty of water and the floaters will be reabsorbed in no time. So I did and it worked.

This is my vision when the floaters appeared in my right eye:


This is my vision after a 10 day fast:


This is my vision after three months:


This is my vision today (July 2017):


Eye floaters are a symptom of problems in the liver and/or kidneys according to Chinese, Tibetan and Indian Traditional Medicine.

Thus, if you treat the symptom without treating the cause, the problem is very likely to return.

This is my personal experience and as you can see my floaters were really serious. I stopped taking any sort of medicine, whether Western or Asian traditional. I allow myself to rest often, drink plenty of water, have fun with my pets, stick to a vegan diet and always make sure that nobody disturbs my peace. I quit smoking again as soon as I got to Malaysia, I don’t drink any alcohol and I don’t take any drugs either legal or illegal. My floaters are almost completely gone and my internal organs are on their way to recovery as well. Coffee was literally destroying my liver and kidneys so I happily gave it up. Here are my suggestions if you want to heal yourself naturally:


      1. Always drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and cleanse your blood
      2. Drink plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable juices to get the vitamins you need. Don’t buy any canned stuff – stay free of all preservatives and artificial flavorings. The best fruit are those rich in beta-carotene such as carrots, papaya and mangoes. Make  smoothies with dark green leafy vegetables which are rich in lutein such as spinach.
      3. Adopt a plant based diet, avoid all fatty foods and industrially prepared foods. Ideally, brown rice and plenty of vegetables are the best. If you get bored you can find millions of delicious recipes in vegan websites but remember to avoid greasy food.
      4. Give your eyes some rest. Avoid reading and using a screen for a while. Just use the minimum you need to get you by.
      5. Go for a nice walk in a natural setting: a park, the woods, the lake or wherever you can breathe some nice and clean air.
      6. Learn meditation or Tai Chi or yoga to help you deal with stressful situations.
      7. When you are ready prepare for a water fast. The fast is very effective but basically you are not supposed to be working while fasting. You need at least 2 weeks for a fast. There are specialized doctors and clinics who can help you with this but if you want to do it by yourself, you may want to read some literature to know what to expect. I did it by myself. For a quick summary about my experience with fasting you can visit this link to water fasting

Remember that praying has helped me a lot so whether you are a believer or not, pray and ask God, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, or whatever name you want to use for the Divine Source, to guide you through the process of healing.

Your intuition is your best doctor: trust it!

I wish you all to be happy, healthy and blessed!

For those of you who want to document themselves about the relationship between what you put in your mouth and your symptoms, please watch the following free documentaries which contain plenty of evidence produced by doctors and other people involved in the health sector:

What the Health

Plant Pure Nation


Please do not assume that I have a religion because I don’t. I’m a spiritual person and I have no religion. Thank you!

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70 thoughts on “Healing from eye floaters

  1. Hello to every eye floater sufferer out here.
    I am 22 and have noticed transparent floaters (2-3) since I was a child. Last year I got PRK surgery for myopia. My floaters were the same. They did not bother me, only if I was looking to the sky and literally searching for them. However, since 2 months I have gained a lot of new eye floaters (lines, dots and cobwebs) that can notice very easily (computer screen, white walls, sky etc.). I have consulted many ophthalmologists and my retina seems pretty good. I have to add that these 2 months I had a major level of anxiety and stress, like A LOT. Studies, new city, depression. Many panic attacks and crying nights. After that the floaters seemed to appear in my life. A lot of internet articles claim that anxiety can not cause floaters.
    I think they CAN. I believe that the feelings of anxiety, depression and stress may cause toxins in your body and thus cause eye floaters. For example, the liver is connected to the eyes so if the liver got toxins it explains the floaters. I don’t know that for sure though. What do you guys think?
    For now I am treating my floaters by detoxing my liver and drinking a lot of water. Also I started the keto/carnivore diet. Read a lot of articles about the benefits of the carnivore diet to the floaters.
    Plus, I drink tomato juice and celery juice every other day.
    Will update soon.
    A major thank you to this blog/post. I hope everyone gets better!

  2. Hello Miracles Happen,
    I got eye floaters three months ago. My diet is pretty good. Do you think it’s just due to aging and the fact that I have a high eyeglass prescription? Do you were glasses? May I email you? What is your email address?

    1. I’m not an eye doctor so everything I known is based on my own personal experience. I wear glasses too but that’s not the problem. Aging is also not a problem from my experience. You have to understand what is polluting your internal organs and then make changes accordingly. Follow the suggestions I gave in the article and see what happens! Good luck. I no longer provide my email.

  3. Hello, I thought I was alone with this I have been going through this for a few weeks now. I have been in prayer with God. Hoping to find a solution. Your story hit home for me in regards to hope and prayer. I will be working on this for my self in hopes that it connects and works for me aswell. Please reply back to me and let me know how you are doing. Bless your heart for sharing your story.

    1. Hi Crystal, thank you. I’m doing well, my eyes are healed butI’m still dealing with little issues caused by my past unhealthy lifestyle. However, I’m very happy because I can do the things I love doing though I can’t do any sports at the moment. My body needs plenty of rest and I’m learning to let go of guilt and give my body what it needs. Good luck with your journey, the biggest secret is to persevere!

    1. Sorry, I don’t remember his name and I’ve lost his name card but Chinese doctors are all pretty good in Penang. My doctor was an acupuncturist as well in the old town near a fresh market but I don’t remember the name of the market. I remember that in the same street there is a huge shop of Chinese medicine and food (also very good). Have a look at the old part of town in George Town, I think there was a Mosque at the end of the street…

  4. HI, I have back pain (probably derived from kidney) during my first days of water fast so I immediately break it. Is this issue serious? Should I be more aware of it?

    1. I really don’t know your body but you know your body the best. Water fasting is very powerful and it may be too powerful for you. Just stick to a healhty and possibly vegan diet and see how your body reacts. Take care!

  5. Hey, I just read your blod entry and I will try to fast, too! Maybe it will help but it will be difficult because I also love food 😛 I’ve got my own blog where I write about my experiences, maybe you want to check it out on mouchesvolantes.blog . Take care!

  6. Thank you Miracles happen. I will be positive. I might try the water fast for 3 days. I just realised that your floaters were more spot like whereas mine are spots, strands, worms and all kind of different shapes.
    Anyways I drink more of hot water rather than room temperature or cold. Hopefully this speeds things up.

    1. Kantera I have that as well in my left eye but now, after almost two years it is almost perfect. The spots go away faster but the strands and worms take much longer to heal. However they do heal if you are patient with yourself. Take care!

  7. Hey Dr Miracles Happen.

    I have been reading your blog which sounds very hopeful for myself.

    I have developed floaters in 2016 and they have gotten worse. Ever since 2016 I have been drinking plenty of water which has helped with other things but no improvement with the eyes. I am not so highly myopic just -2.75 in both eyes. These floaters are getting worse but I will try to stay positive and continue with my healthy lifestyle and be patient. Hopefully These floaters will disappear.

    One thing that I do wonder about is floaters before pregnancy. Does anyone on this thread have any idea of whether having floaters will improve or worsen as a result of pregnancy? Just got me thinking because there is more blood flow during pregnancy and more chance for re absorption of floaters.

    I never use to be able to see my floaters inside my house but now I can and I feel that the number of floaters have increased in just a short space of time.

    1. Dear Kantera, first of all I’m not a doctor, just a person who healed herself from eye floaters. Unfortunately, I have no idea nor experience whether the floaters will increase with pregnancy or not. What I know for sure is that if you got floaters it means that your body is trying to detoxify, to cleanse, thus my advice is to stick to the 7 suggestions I mention in the article. Please, do not be worried when you eye floaters get worse while cleansing because it means that your body is getting rid of toxins this process is known as the healing crisis. In this period get plenty of rest and fill yourself up with positive thinking and energy (stay away from negative people and situations which tend to drain your precious energy). That’s all I can tell you, in the meantime, let’s hope other pregnant women can see this thread and give you some feedback based on their experience. Good luck, stay healthy and strong; it’s a long commitment but the outcome make it worth it!

  8. Dear Miracles Happen,

    I would like to start off saying thank you. If I read your blog and all the comments received on it, I believe you have been an inspiration for many, me included. Besides the inspiration, you have given me ”hope”, as I got sick of hearing from loads of medical specialists: ”you just have to get used to them”.

    I am 21-years old and developed several (small and large) floaters while on my 10-month internship in Malaysia. My theory is that a lot of fatty and oily food there have been one of the causes of my floaters. Although I can’t be sure. I do like my food and have never been much concerned about a super healthy lifestyle, although I wasn’t eating junk-food everyday.

    When I got back to the Netherlands, I fell back in my old routine (eating ‘regular’ food and excersise) the floaters developed for quite some time still, hence that I hoped it was my lifestyle in Malaysia.

    2 months back I first started fasting, which was a 7 -day fast. Now I am currently in my second fast -day 5 of 14). I am seeking your opinion, as my water fast differs a bit from what I have read here today. My research concluded that doing a water fast might indeed help the condition of my floaters. However, I read that taking a ”juice day” every 3 days might help improve the process. So every third day I drink only juice made from fruit with high anti-oxidants e.g: (+-80% orange juice, 10% grapefruit and lemon juice, and lastly juice from blueberries) . And I am curious to what you think whether this indeed helps or just works on the contrary?

    Hope you’ll have to time to respond.


    1. Dear Thomas, what I know is what I have experienced with my own body. Each one of us is different so I don’t think there is a best method for everyone but rather you should just experiment with your body and see the results. I know that juicing and water fasting are both very effective so just give it a try and see how you feel. If you feel “attracted” to fruit then it means that your body needs vitamins and antioxidants and you should always listen to your body. My only suggestion is to stick to a plant based diet and if you need a treat once in a while, have it by trying to make it as healthy as possible. For example, I make french fries (potato chips) with real potatoes cooked in a non sticky pan with very little oil (you can add a little water if necessary). In this way, you won’t get bored. There are many healthy versions of junk food online so if you get the craving – obviously not right before or right after your water fasting or your juicing period – you can allow yourself to have a healthy version of “naughty” food. Good luck with everything and stay positive: it takes a lot of efforts but in the end, you will be healed!

    1. Nitin, what I know from personal experience is that during a water fast you are not supposed to take anything else but water. It’s like putting your internal organs inside a washing machine; with pure water you get rid of toxins but if you take something else then you are polluting the water. You can do what you wish but if I were you I wouldn’t use them.

  9. Hi Dear,
    It’s my 7th day of water fasting. I don’t have any juices between the days but one glass of juice of sugarcane on the third day. I’m Noticing a little bit difference and another thing i want to ask you can i eat toffies ? between water fast ??

  10. Dear everything is a miracle,

    I have read your story and I just want to say thank you for sharing it with us. I have developed a black brown -ish floater last year in the summer of 2017. I think it is due to stress I remember having a bad headache as I did not sleep enough that day I went to McDonald and all I see some black stuff on the top of my eye.

    I am praying and hoping and slowly starting to eat healthy as I hope it will go away one day. floaters are also due to our diet but please I need your advice I only have like one floater that is really bugging me. I am only 19 they are not anything scary but I just want them to go because sometimes it makes me really sad but I know somewhere there is hope.

    However, December I went to the opticians and they checked my eyes and states that my eye was healthy and the same thing they were like there is no cure sometimes they don’t even go away I was disappointed but somewhere I knew there would be hope so please guide me and help me.

    I just want to say God bless you and may he continue to bless you and once you have read this could you please send me a quick email back please.



    1. Hello Nicole. May I suggest you to watch a couple of documentaries in order to understand the situation? IT IS ALL ABOUT DIET! Please watch : What the Health and Plant Pure Nation. Unfortunately, in the West we are trained to believe that there is no connection between what you eat and drink and your symptoms, thank God some people are starting to tell the truth! There is a business behind every condition and too many people interested in keeping us ill to profit from it. No more! Please watch the documentaries about the situation in the US but it’s true all over the world. You will heal yourself, stay clear of junk food and drinks and stick to a plant based diet. Good luck!

  11. I am 18 years old and thinking about to start water fasting how much time it will take to reduce floaters of my both eyes I have two black dudes with collapse in my left eye and large one in rite eye but not black it is transparent they are developed in last 10-12 days.
    Got checked by doctor and she said that my retina is fine.

    1. Hello Nitin please read the article carefully. Eye floaters are not a problem rooted in the eyes but in your internal organs. You should check the condition of your liver and kidneys in particular. If you have floaters at such young age, it means there is a disease in your body which you must pay attention to. You must cleanse yourself with water fasting but it will not solve the problem in one time: it will help though! Start changing lifestyle with the guidelines I suggested, stay clear of all pollutants, drugs, nicotine, coffee, prescribed medication. Drink plenty of water and start also juicing vegetables. Have at least a glass of fresh carrot juice every morning to start. Stick to vegan food but make sure it is nutritious and lightly cooked. No fat and no oil! Junk food and drinks are a poison… You can do the water fast provided you don’t suffer from an eating disorder or you are not underweight. There is a link to my experience with water fasting on this page: please read it, it will give you some ideas. The time for reducing the floaters depends on the condition of your internal organs (liver, kidneys), once these organs have been cleansed, the floaters will start disappearing.

  12. Hi,

    Thank you for giving us hope here!

    Just a quick question:
    what about taking multi-vitamin supplements (without artificial flavors, colors etc) – is this a bad thing while removing floaters?

    My daily intake of vitamin C, A and E (for eye circulation and antioxidant) is not sufficient with my diet – so I’m taking one multi-vitamin pill every day or every other day- depending on my diet.

    Thank you for your feedback!



    1. Hi Sinisa, if your daily intake of vitamins is insufficient, you should juice more fruit and vegetables. That is because your body needs certain nutrients for the vitamins to be absorbed by the body. I don’t think it’s a bad thing but ideally you should take what you need directly from your food. There are some natural supplements based on moringa tree and spirulina algae which are actually quite good compared to artificially synthesized compounds.
      Have a good day!

  13. Hi. This gives me hope. I am about to go on a five fay waterfast and then only eating grapes until 18th december. Break during christmas and then restart. I am discouraged however because of the fb groups for floaters I am in. Nobody believes that you can get rid of floaters. That the eye is a closed system bla bla… can you please give me some indicators that they are wrong so I will get the strength to do this detox . Gisela from Sweden

    1. Hi Gisela, I’m the living proof that floaters can be healed. It’s up to you whether you want to believe “people” or start trusting yourself and switch to a healthier lifestyle. Please read my article carefully again, floaters are a symptom not a disease in itself, every doctor knows that. Please read my experience with water fasting so you know what to expect. Arnold Erhet was the first naturopath who introduced grape fasting in the 1920’s and he was also the first to introduce raw veganism to treat incurable diseases. My suggestion for you is to do some research before starting the fast and only when you are totally convinced then do it. Good luck

      1. Hi.
        Thankyou so much for your reply. I actually started with the water fast today. I left the discouraging fb group after a meditation where I got the message that they are wrong. I have already prepared myself for two months eating mostly raw and more fruits and trying to skip fat. Now I am ready. I follow Dr Morses detox process. I must have read your blog about 10 times since I developed my floaters in may during a vacation. Tried a waterfast on my vacation but got terribly hallucinating experiences by the end of the first day so I stopped early. Anyway. This time I am more prepared and now at 9.30 pm I feel pretty good (though hungry) this first day :). Thankyou so much for your reply. This is giving me hope. ❤

      2. Hi Gisela, if you stick to a plant based diet (no fried or processed food and drinks), you don’t need to fast, especially if you get hallucinations. I had hallucinations too after a few days. Do everything one step at the time or it will be too much for your body to handle. Just prepare yourself psychologically that to heal it will take time, even years so don’t expect results overnight. If you are underweight do not fast because it’s dangerous for your health. Meditation will help you understand what your body needs and doesn’t need. You must drink a lot of water during the fast, between 3 to 5 liters per day. Follow your intuition and pray. If you get too cold eating just raw food, it’s ok to make a soup, just don’t overcook the vegetables. Make sure you get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.

  14. Love reading your story! So the floaters that you see are they the ones pictured in the photo? I see grey shadows and clear worm like floaters. I am wondering if you saw anything similar. I myself have been following a vegan diet for a couple years now. So this sudden change in vision has been really difficult on me. I am hoping to heal myself with my diet, exersize, and water. Feel free to send me an email.

    1. Hello Jessi Jay,
      The photos I published are just to give you an idea of how bad my situation was but to be honest, it was even worse than that. There are many factors causing eye floaters so first you should identify what triggered them in the first place. I was also vegan before the floaters and often, during the cleansing period – which may last years – some symptoms may get worse. Yes, I also saw something like waves and worms moving around at first. Just be patient and stick to a healthy lifestyle and they will be gone but it may take years according to your age and the condition of your internal organs such as the liver and the kidneys. If you are not sure what’s causing your floaters, you can get an eye examination to ensure that your retinas are fine. Good luck on your journey!

  15. I am overweight and have a fatty liver Grade -1. Have eye floaters in both the eyes which have increased. Can they get dissolved if i water fast and pay attention to my diet. Very depressed for now . Do reply. My email would be Vdivinecreations@gmail.com.

      1. Hi. I have sent you a mail. Please reply . Also can you share the correct way of carrying on a water Fast. What things to take and what not to.

  16. Hi, Could you reply to me? How many fasts did you take in total and how long did each fast take? I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks a lot. Martek

    1. Hi Martek. Please read my article about water fasting! To summarize I only did 1 long water fast and then I sometimes fast for a day and two. Occasionally I skip breakfast or dinner, I just follow what my body tells me!

  17. Dear Everything is a Miracle,

    I am BLOWN away to say the least after reading the experience you had with your eye floaters. I developed them similar to the way you did about a year and a half ago literally out of nowhere. My retina was also fine. I have tried so many things to heal them and nothing has worked. I got laser surgery done on my right eye but the floaters are so close to the retina that they could only partially shoot them, with no real big improvement. I have tried a 3 day water fast in the past and had not seen any improvement.

    Would it be possible to e mail you, to ask you some more questions? My e mail is QuentinFielding@gmail.com

    I feel for the first time that there is actually hope to getting rid of these eye floaters. I am LITERALLY willing to try anything that isn’t bad for my health to get rid of them.

  18. One more thing, you never answered my question if your floaters got worst before they got better during your water fast. Could you let me know.

    1. Sorry… No, my floaters got immediately better especially in the right eye but my stomach condition worsened, This is part of the healing process so you shouldn’t worry about that. However, remember that the problem in your eyes is just a manifestation of a problem rooted in your internal organs usually your liver or kidneys. That’s why I believe that surgery or laser won’t solve the problem for good because the floaters will come back. My left eye is like yours (vitreous degeneration) and it’s taking me a bit longer to heal because to completely replenish the vitreous (gel) it takes time. Drinking plenty of water and fresh carrot juice is also a good way to help your eyes. Please don’t starve yourself with water fasting, the mistake that I made as well. It’s better to skip a few meals whenever you are not hungry but do nourish yourself with good fresh food making sure you get the right amount of minerals an vitamins that you need. I hope this helps, good luck with everything!

  19. Hello, I am so happy to find your post. I had floaters for at least 30 years which did not disrupt my vision nor were they bothersome. But about 3 months ago I noticed a nice size floater in my vision of my right eye which looks more transparent, but it’s annoying. I noticed this change after I purchased a whole body massager, and I did notice I was allowing my head to get a good work out. Then about a week after that after waking up one morning I noticed that big one in my right eye. I don’t know if there is a connection or not. I called my eye doctor for a visit but she recommended that I see an eye surgeon which I did. He dialated my eyes and said that my retina was fine but my gel is detaching in my right eye and that my brain will adjust to them. So I left there disappointed. I did research on the Internet, and I found one person I gained some confidence in and his name is Charles Kwang ( Kwang center). The young lady that works with him had me send hair samples in for a hair analysis which I did. A week or so went by and she told me to start eating more healthier and juicing and they’ll get back with me the next day after the analysis is complete, and she said I had to pay $25.00 for the analysis test which I paid. She said she’s going to send me a couple of videos to watch letting me know how he has helped with eye floaters ( which I already saw on YouTube). Then I asked her how many people have they helped with eye floaters? She said “we don’t keep up with that”. I said what do you mean? She said it again. Then she said that in one of the videos she sent me there is one success story. I said one, and when was it taped? She said in December of 2016. I said you have nothing current? She said no. I said how long has Dr. Kwang been curing eye floaters? She first said 3 years then I asked her again then she said 2 years. Then I said and you only have one success story and no count of how many people he have cured with eye floaters? She said I’m sorry but no we just don’t keep up with how many people we have cured from eye floaters. I said do you believe it was about 10, 50, 200, 1,000? She proceeded to say I couldn’t tell you, because that’s something we just don’t keep up with. After being crushed with that information I asked for a refund of my money. At first she said, we may not be able to do that. I said why not, the hair analysis hasn’t been done yet. She said she’ll call me back, which she didn’t. But after a few hours I received a text message from my bank that it was refunded. What a sad experience. Meanwhile, I started a water fast and this is day 7 (August 9,2017), and I have lost about 10 pounds. I noticed my vision itself has gotten a little clearer, but as for the floaters, in my right eye it looks like they’re breaking up, but I can’t say for sure, and in my right eye I’m seeing more lines and squizzle patterns and a few more black spots, but they do not affect my vision. I do not have any floaters like what you described in your pictures. Mine are not that bad at all. I don’t know if they are trying to land to the bottom of my eyes or what. I have confidence in this water fast. I have fast in the past on juices for 30 , and 45 days, on numerous occasions but this is the first time I’ve fast on water. I notice a big difference between the two. I see better benefits with fasting on water than juice. Everytime I fast on juice my tongue always got the white coating on it. But I didn’t get it with the water fast. As a matter of fact my teeth don’t have that coating on it either and my mouth feel cleaner. I’m using distilled water.I also notice white mucus in my stool, but was always clear mucus with juice fast (I do enemas to help get the toxins out faster to help with the detox crisis, which can be many). For the most part I feel great. I’m paying close attention to any changes to my body while on this water fast. I know there has to be a way to get these things out of the eyes, and I do believe this is the way to go -WATER FASTING.
    My question to you is, while you were fasting did you notice your eye floaters getting a little worse before they got better or not?

    Thanks a million for your post!

    1. Dear Annette, as I showed in the pictures, my floaters were really terrible, especially in my right eye. I could not see properly it was as if I had a spider net on my eyes which kept moving around. Water fasting is good but juicing is good too. I only did one water fast (you can find it on my blog) but it was really hard. I had the coating on my tongue with water fasting and it is a sign that your body is expelling toxins. I still have it after all this time because the healing starts from your internal organs and I’m not completely done yet. You have the same condition as me, vitreous degeneration – the vitreous is the gel in the eyes. I believe that changing lifestyle is key but you need to be very patient with yourself. Giving up alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and junk food and drink is also very important. TRUST YOURSELF! There are a lot of people out there just wanting to make money – stay away from them. Healing is a natural process and we don’t need any medication to do what our cells are programmed to do. I’m sure you are on your way to complete recovery as well so just keep taking care of yourself and stay positive and you will be healed before you know it. Some people have chosen to eat raw food to heal faster but I’m a foodie and for me it’s too hard. I’m sticking to a vegan diet and I also make healthy home made pizza and bread occasionally so I don’t get bored. Life is good. Good luck with everything and keep me posted about your improvements. I think that if we all share our stories we can help others as well. You don’t need money to heal, just patience and access to healthy and fresh plant based food.
      Thank you for sharing your story with me!

      1. Hello, as I write this comment I’m in tears because earlier today I decided to get this program called “Eye floaters no more”, and in my opinion it’s a scam because what’s contained in his book is information I already knew like eating healthy, which is also free on the Internet. I sent him an email requesting a refund of my $37.00 plus tax. I guess I’m becoming impatient with myself. I just changed over to vegan about a month ago. Prior to that I was a vegetarian for 18 years. I do not drink alcohol beverages, I don’t smoke cigarettes or anything else, I do not do street drugs or take prescription drugs, or over the counter drugs. For the most part I live a peaceful and clean lifestyle, but I try hard to keep my stress at bay. I am also a Christian.
        What do you think could be the cause of more floaters in my left eye since I started the water fast? I am not seeing flashes of light, or loss of vision just the lines, a few small dots, and the funny patterns.
        Did you experience more floaters while on your fast before they started to diminish?
        Thanks for the encouraging words, I truly needed them. They were very timely. I really need to be patient and wait this thing out. I guess I’m looking for results like right now. You’re right, I don’t need to pay for good health, because I got rid of my high blood pressure, back pain, knee pain, and unexplained dizziness free just by changing my diet years ago. It helped then and I have confidence it will help again. Thanks so much for your support. I will continue to stay on my water fast rather the floaters lighten up, go away even if they don’t. I believe one way or another they will go away. I’ve been praying to God to show me how to get rid of these floaters and I know he will completely answer my prayer and I believe he’d started with me getting in contact with you.
        Thanks again!

      2. You are on the right path. Trust yourself! God always answers our prayers. Never worry about anything, always see the positive in everything. It takes a long time to heal, there are no shortcuts. I learned Vipassana meditation to help me deal with stress and anxiety. Don’t be in a hurry, you will heal. Bless you!

    2. Hi Anette,

      I went to Dr. Kwang and bought his program, it was a TOTAL waste of my money. I spent I think $800 for juice recipes and also these teas they send you. I followed it perfectly for 40 days and there were no results. I asked for my money back too and didn’t get it. I asked similar questions and they were shady with me as well. I think its fraud. So you made the right choice! Stay away!

    1. Hello, much much better, almost completely gone. As a matter of fact I almost forgot about them. It’s only during particularly cloudy days that I see three tiny spots on my right eyes – which was the worse. I’m sticking to a vegan diet but not raw and I haven’t fasted again since the first time. It’s taking me time and patience to recover but I’m on my way and I’m glad to prove wrong the doctor who told me that there was no cure. It’s just a long process which requires a change of lifestyle, that’s all. I’m very happy with the result!

  20. This is interesting, thank you for posting your experience. I’ve had floaters for decades. I think I had them as a child. I am vegan too, just since the beginning of the year, I was vegetarian for many years before that, and for the last 3 years I’ve been juicing which has helped improve a number of conditions. Glad you’ve had some positive results. ☺️

    1. Juicing is great! I normally drink fresh carrot juice and it helps a lot. My floaters haven’t completely disappeared but now I can barely notice them. Eye floaters are a symptom of something else so you are doing the right thing. In my case, I discover that coffee, for instance, was very bad for me so I had to give it up. In addition, my body doesn’t need protein anymore. I occasionally eat some tofu or beans but only because I love them. In Oriental medicine, dairy products contribute to the creation of mucus in the body which, in large quantities, can be poisonous and make you sick. I became vegan because I love animals and I was not aware of the numerous benefits for my health. Healing takes time and faith; we are both doing the same thing! We are not just healing our eyes, we are healing our internal organs. In my case, meditation helped me a lot too because I used to be very anxious now I just trust that everything is going to be alright. And it really is! Keep in touch about your progress.

      1. Yes, dairy went decades ago! Well, I say that, I mean milk, but it’s taken until this year to give up cheese, my favourite food. I have used Chinese acupuncture a lot in my life as has my daughter and we have both benefited. Coffee too was dispensed with 20 years ago, it was getting stronger and blacker and one day I had palpitations that kept on coming and I realised it had to go. Green and herbal/fruit teas for me. I am calmer too. Thanks for the support ☺️👏🏻

  21. Hi, floaters are collagen fibres that stick together and all ophthalmologists/vitreoretinal specialists say its only possible to eliminate them via laser or an operation. An even with those methods not always do floaters go away. Its very difficult and there is a community of people suffering extremely from this terrible and life-changing condition. Could you please clarify how a water fasting works to get rid of floaters? If water fasting eliminates toxins, how can it remove clumps of collagen in the inside of the eye? How does it scientificially work? Thank you

    1. I wrote about my personal experience with a severe case of eye floaters. Basically, if you want to find scientific infornation about it just google “water fasting scientific evidence” and you’ll see. I wrote the article because I wanted to help people like me – I do not profit from it in any case. The National Healthcare system in the Uk offers assistance and guidelines about fasting. My eyes are much better now but not completely healed. I eat plenty of natural sources of betacarotene, vitamins and lutein that can be found in fruit and vegetables. And, of course, I keep drinking plenty of water. Apparently, starting from the 4th day of fasting, damaged cells start to heal themselves – and this is exactly what I have experienced. Please consult the British Medical Journal or other authorative bodies for scientific evidence.

  22. Hi, i read that water fasting can help remove eye floaters, please tell me if you are healed complety from the floaters? they are bad? the results are permanent they not reappear after some days or weeks? best Regards

    1. Hi Leonel,
      Yes water fasting helps a lot with eye floaters. Don]t expect results overnight. It will take you a few water fasting for a few years to totally recover and in addition to that, you must change your lifestyle for good (see the 7 suggestions). Please consult a doctor before starting a fast because it worked for me but for some people may not be appropriate.

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